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  1. This is the problem with my driver's door handle. It can probably be plastic welded well enough to function. All of the pivot points in the whole handle and latch mechanism were binding, which probably resulted in excessive force on the paddle being needed.
  2. That slotted screw is evidence of a previous repair, it would originally have been a mushroom shaped pin, peened into the arm. If you carefully pry up the seal, you then have clearance to tap out the pin that retains the paddle. You then at least can see if you can repair it. Drilling both parts and installing small steel pins might work. If you can find a good paddle, you can swap it over. A similar style of paddle is used on the Lancia Delta and someone has uploaded an STL file to Shapeways, so you can order one in 3D printed Nylon. There's no CAD file publically available for the Lotus/Toyota parts, so one would have to be created. I've had motorcycle alternator coil bobbins 3D printed by 3DPrintUK from CAD I created.
  3. The factory brake hardlines on my '85 Excel are definitely Copper. Far too soft to be a Copper Nickle alloy (ie Kunifer). The downside of copper is work hardening and becomming brittle, but if it's well mounted and not flapping about it shouldn't be problem.
  4. I've recently been stripping down a bunch of Excel, Elite/Eclat and Esprit lower links. They all use a bonded bush, with inner and outer steel sleeves. Your picture looks like the bush has de-bonded from the outer sleeve, unless it's some form of polybush conversion.
  5. Lower link modified for air ride. I'm putting the car back on coils and will convert to post '85 (adjustable platform) dampers, which means I can just remove the original platform to make the repair easier. Cutting the MIG welds for the inner reinforcement was pretty easy, but there are a couple of spot welds that put up some resistance. There is some wear in the anti-roll bar holes, so I may swap the links side for side when I make the new reinforcing plates.
  6. I've built several kitcars/specials over the years and know the Triumph suspension parts well. The Vitesse and GT6 are only a little lighter than an S3 Esprit, but carry an Iron block straight six right over the front suspension, so I doubt they put significantly less weight on the front. The dampers have an intergral spring platform, so all the suspension loads go through the bottom mounting bolt. The Triumph pressed lower wishbone is made from a similar thickness of steel to that of the Esprit, but it only uses a single layer, whilst the Esprit uses two. I'd say it's more than adequate to take the load from a coilover conversion.
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