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  1. It's not any of those articles unfortunately. It was a Used Car Buyer Magazine article on "budget supercars" as I understand it. Thanks.
  2. Hi, I was told by the previous owner that my Esprit V8 was featured in an early 2000s issue of Used Car Buyer magazine here in the UK. I'm trying to track down which issue it was in so I can get a copy. I've tried google and ebay but I can't find a reference to any particular issue with an Esprit V8 feature. Does anyone on the forum remember the article or have any old copies of the magazine? I'm trying to narrow my search. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Cheers.
  3. Hi Trev, I bought my first Esprit this summer. I wasn't specifically looking for a V8 but wanted a late model which left me with a choice V8 or GT3. I took me close to 3 years on and off to find the right car with the right comprehensive history but it's been worth it. The V8 is a great engine that is surprisingly refined at cruising speeds. It makes a great GT car as well as a great sports car. The four cylinder cars are fantastic too and I suspect a fair bit cheaper to run and maintain. Drive a few and see what suits your needs. Good luck.
  4. The car has been used sparingly since the belts were last done. I did, however, drive it about 200 miles when I picked it up and have done several long trips since. The belts seem in good condition so I'll leave them for next year. I was just curious as to the average life of the belts under normal driving conditions i.e. not track use. I would be having the work done by an experienced mechanic at a Lotus specialist garage. There's no way I would attempt it myself. Thanks for the advice.
  5. I took the Esprit to Unit 4 in Burton. All sorted. Excellent service. Here's to 12 months of trouble free motoring 🤞
  6. Burton is about an hour so worth a look. I'll give them a call. Thanks
  7. The car was previously looked after by SWLC. It's a hell of a long drive for a service though. I'm hoping to find someone nearer.
  8. Hi all, Are there any Esprit owners in the East Mids that can recommend a good place to get an Esprit V8 serviced and MOT'd? Central Lotus in Nottingham is the closest to me geographically but I get the impression they are more geared up for the current range rather than the classic models. Any experience of them or another garage? Cheers
  9. Hi all, my newly acquired Esprit V8 is due a service and MOT next month. Looking at the service history the belts were last done in 2018, which was only about 3,500 miles ago. According to my owners manual belts should be changed every 8 years or 72K miles. Is that sill considered a reasonable interval? The reason I ask is that the previous owner had the belts changed more frequently than that. Many thanks.
  10. 😂 Just a filter, although this is how I see the car in my minds eye.
  11. That's a lovely looking Excel. A credit to the owner 👍
  12. Thanks, it's taken me nearly 3 years to find the "right" spec in the right condition. It's been worth the wait.
  13. I've been watching these auctions with interest having just bought my first Esprit. The Essex Turbo looked magnificent. I'm surprised the reserves were set so high on the GT and Sport 350. Are vendors over-valuing Esprits at the moment? Everything listed S$ or later seems to be £35K+.
  14. Hi all I'm a life-long Lotus fan and finally got 'round to buying one 😄
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