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  1. Wow, rarer than I thought - hopefully that helps their values in the long run! I do have photos of 6 different (non-Cup) 380's, but even still including the Cups it sounds like the total is in single digits.
  2. Hi @Pete Hughes- I've got 285/30/18's on my 380 too (previous owner fitted them). OEM wheels and no spacers. No issues so far that I've noticed. Side note, do you know how many 380's there actually are in Australia? I've only found accounted for 6 so far (including our two).
  3. Love all the changes you've made! In regards to painting the windscreen surround, was that done while on the car? (not sure if it is even removable). I'm getting my roof painted (body colour) soon and you've now got me thinking about doing the surround while I'm at it.
  4. Hi Imran, I've recently purchased a 380 in Australia which has one of your intakes. I've now had a couple of issues with the P0174 error as mentioned by some others in this thread. Do you still have some of the second filter types available and if so how do I go about purchasing?
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