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    Exige V6 350 Sport + Elise S1 111S
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    Nantes - France

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  1. Thank you Justin! All Lotus are greats Thank you ramjet!!
  2. Thank you Bibs ! 🙂 For the Exige, we've done: Team Dynamics 1.3 orange rims Michelin PS Cup 2 (and Pirelli Tropheo R available too) Originals black rims with Michelin PS4 (for the rain) Nitron NTR 46 / 2 ways suspensions (with track geometry) DBA 400 disc brakes with Ferodo DS 1.11 pads Autoblip Moroso baffled sump EX430 kit (manifolds, y pipe, 200CEL cata and carbon airbox) but without small pulley for security Komo-Tec 70mm carbon exhaust (not on pictures below, we had before an Exige 360 Cup exhaust) Gulf covering Security parts (harness bar and 4 points harness, tow eye front and rear, extinguisher, ...) Project 2022 : EX460 upgrade (chargecooler) Quaif LSD Uprated clutch with ligh flywheel engine Transmission oilcooler Oil temperature and pressure gauge Alias23 sidskirt Cup wing
  3. Hello guys, I'm François-Xavier from France (Nantes), former owner of some Lotus (Elise SC RGB, Exige V6 Club Racer, Exige V6 380 Sport, Exige V6 410 Sport, ...), I bought last year with a friend an Exige V6 350 Sport for track and recently an Elise S1 111S (what a pleasure this grandma !!!) Hoping to find more information to increase performance and reliability of our car Exige V6 350 Sport 2017 Sky blue Elise S1 111S LHD origin 1998 Racing Green
  4. Hi all, does anyone has pictures of the Komo-tec cooler installation? thanks ;)
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