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  1. Hello, First post so apologies in advance if this breaks any rules; I don't own a Lotus but i have just got rid of a Rover 45 due to excessive rust but before doing so i spent a lot of money having a VVC head modified to run on the standard MPI ignition by Roger @ Sabre heads. I didn't get a chance to fit it to the car and obviously its no use to me now but i was wondering if there was anyone in Aberdeenshire area that might be interested in it? (Needs to be an in person deal hence me putting it here and not in any for sale section - i.e. i won't post) Its a 143 head in good condition...Roger has recut the valve seats and enlarged the VVC cam sensor hole to run the MPI sensor. Hes also modified a Newman Ph2 cam to have a cam sensor lobe and supplied his VVC blanking plate kit. To get it on an engine (Non VVC) it just needs the valves putting back in (which i have) and also the cam ladder massaged slightly so the newman cam spins freely. I think from memory all this would give roughly 160hp on a 1.8 MPI and a bit less on a 1.6 Note this is only for MPI cars - it will not go back on a VVC car due to the modifications In addtiion to the above i also have 2x turbo sport verniers and, VVC coils and a stainless VVC exhaust manifold, manual cambelt tensioner. So a fair bit of kit for a k series car. Is there anyone near me that might be interested? Its been sitting in my garage since this time last years and seems a shame not be used. ?
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