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  1. Thanks Bibs, but unfortunately I didn't get any response. I even emailed Silesia Ring on their main website and they told me they don't sell or service Lotus cars. I already knew I was going to need a DIY mindset, but still going to try looking. It be nice to find someone just once in a will to service once I get the car.
  2. Hey guys, does you guys know where I can service a Lotus in Poland? I live in Krakow.
  3. Hello guys the names Rafael. I'm originally from Mississauga, ON, Canada, but now I moved to Krakow, Poland 3 years ago. I'm looking into buying a 2010 Lotus Evora 2+2. Hopefully I can get some tips on maintaining and servicing the car as well as learning about Lotus culture. CHEERS!
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