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  1. It’s about time Lotus gave out some real clarification as to what we will and will not be getting, to allow everyone to make factual decisions rather than based on rumours, before making the soon to be requested non-refundable deposits. If they don’t know by now, they clearly launched FAR too soon.
  2. I see they still won’t tell anyone outside of China the i4FE specs or pricing.
  3. Judging from Harry’s video, you might not be too far off with those colours…….. a white would make a lot of people happy
  4. “We’ve got the most advanced paint line in the world” so guess what, we’ll use it to spray existing Volvo colours !! 🙄
  5. The Emira will always look faster even if it turns out not to be in reality…… I don’t think it will blow it away but will probably be fractionally quicker.
  6. I’ve asked about pricing for the i4FE, not yet available. Why not, it is in China? I’ve asked what the i4FE HP will be, and why it’s 400HP in China, only to be told the base spec is 360HP but totally ignored my question about why the Chinese car is higher powered in FE spec. Finding out that ADAS won’t be fitted on the car was from these forums, not from any Lotus communication. Yes, they will confirm it if you ask but you shouldn’t need to, they should have informed deposit payers first. Having to raise questions based upon things we only find out in forums is just not good enough. They still haven’t said why they’re not including something they lauded so highly in their launch brochure. My heart tells me this car is truly stunning, but my head is asking if this really is “New Lotus” we’re dealing with. I’m still hoping I’m proved wrong and my heart wins but when it’s a lot of hard earned money, we deserve the answers to know for sure…….
  7. Can we have another option added to the poll just in case anyone from Lotus is reading the comments…… “Not happy to make final commitment due to lack of transparency and communication” I think it would get quite a lot of votes right now…….
  8. I don’t see how Lotus can’t give us the 400HP being down to CO2, it’s not a problem in the Mercedes after all, and they have even higher HP versions in the pipeline. I really think this is all about marketing to keep long term sales going with updates, to the detriment of early depositors wanting a DCT. Giving the Chinese the 400HP makes their reasons for giving us 360 in launch i4 FE spec utter twaddle.
  9. I have asked Lotus customer care directly and received an email response that specifically states the i4FE will be 360HP, so the big question is WHY??? Seeing as I’m buying an auto, a V6 auto would pretty much off limits as the residuals would be rubbish if there was a 400HP with DCT and a lot more torque, with the ability to boost HP after the warranty runs out. The auto box with the V6 is at its limit so can’t go any higher. Its about time Lotus started opening up about the i4FE everywhere else and giving accurate information. If it’s not available as a 400HP AMG unit, give us a good enough reason why it’s okay for the Chinese market but not here. That can only be for marketing reasons to get V6 sales. Not good enough “New Lotus” Im really not far from pulling the plug as I’m struggling to find any transparency or reason to trust them right now.
  10. I think there are two main reasons so many have gone with the V6 in the UK. 1. It’s Lotus Fanbase central with most loving V6 manuals. 2. An awful lot of new Lotus buyers have been “forced” down the V6 route by the low power of the i4 unit, allegedly (de)tuned to suit Lotus’ required characteristics. An awful lot would prefer the AMG/DCT with 400 HP. Im afraid the “tuned’ by Lotus to 360HP doesn’t wash any more if the Chinese can have it with 400HP. I’ll pay the extra for the proper AMG power please. Lotus need to get their sh*t together and start being more transparent. We still don’t have an i4 FE price. I wonder why……….
  11. If it turns out to be true, my V6 auto order will be cancelled as a same 400HP AMG with DCT has so much more potential and the V6 auto residuals would plummet. We were told the AMG was being (de)tuned to 360 to suit Lotus’ required characteristics but that’s not really true if there’s already one with 400HP. I sincerely hope this info is incorrect.
  12. I think people are comparing sports cars that can be used as relatively reasonable, leather and alcantara cosseted every day drivers, not impractical aluminium lined coffins like a Seven or glorified scaffolding like an Atom. It’s quite possible to have a decent driving experience these days without your teeth rattling or requiring spinal surgery !!
  13. It was an Evora, didn’t see the model, it was dark in the evening and it was rather busy. It sounded nice just pulling slowly into the car park.
  14. I was always going for the FE i4 until I heard a V6 at Central at the unveiling. That was it for me, phone call yesterday and my wallet’s a little bit lighter……. Also helped by the fact I’m incredibly impatient and eager to actually drive one of these works of art. If a crazy HP i4 comes along later, road legal GT4 maybe, then it might be time to consider a second toy…….
  15. We’ll that’s another deposit down……….. one less in the queue. Another “straight line chaser” !! It seems a lot ( disclaimer - but not all ) of Americans want to do nothing other than to launch at maximum speed.
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