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  1. Thanks that's brilliant - going off green but wife likes yellow or red so who am I to argue...
  2. The lane assist stuff doesn't bother me personally - its the new system that, certainly in the EU and possibly, maybe, in the UK will cut the power on the car if you go over the speed limit as determined by GPS and speed sign aware cameras. If you press harder on the go pedal power gets restored but the car shouts at you until you go below the speed limit. Cant imagine power restriction is going to be very pleasant - of course eventually the main screen will keep a running tally of your speed fines in real time and automatically log onto your bank account and remove the cash. As a tech nerd I'm interested in this stuff, as a driver I'm less enthusiastic...
  3. Thanks for the replies guys. I was getting excited there for a while, but the ASAS speed limiter might be the problem - only Lotus can really say what it does and I'll see what answers I get when I get round to it. No problem with adaptive cruise etc, its great on motorways in my experience but a system that can (it will all be software controlled and maybe switched on at a future service) cut power etc when you go over a speed limit is too far for me.
  4. Thanks but its not actually that clear. Not being in the EU but following on behind, the UK can obviously modify those regs - what are we actually doing? May has been mentioned - at what point is the inception date of a new car set - if Lotus delay the production (they clearly don't have a production ready car as shown by the first roadshow) could they get caught by UK regs? Lotus could also include the system and we could be mandated to have it activated later - for instance one of the packs includes a "speed limiter" - can that later be converted (by a software update) to the full electric shock to the nads system for going 1mph over the speed limit? If your insurance is invalidated by having a car mandated to have the system and having it switched off we will pretty much be forced to activate it. Still some questions left for me.
  5. I know this thread has wandered a little and is a bit old but does anyone actually have a definite answer as to whether a new style speed "assistant" will be fitted as standard or as part of a package? Its a bit of a red line for me - don't want alarm bells ringing and a digital mark on a database when I hit 32 in a 30 on a quiet country road. From what I read it is only required if a car is a new model from around the middle of 2022 - The Emira might just be the last new model from any manufacturer to come without it. Older model get until 2024 for newly manufactured vehicles. The thing is, the Emira might not NEED to have a speed assistant but if it will be required in 2024 they might have one installed already to get ready for that - other manufacturers have done that inc Volvo (Geely). Anyone know for sure?
  6. Thanks for the pics guys. I was horrified when I saw the first green pics but it does seem to come alive in the sun. Think I'll stick with it. Also, it will go just perfectly with my Primark dress...
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