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  1. Hopefully! Is it too much, red interior, red exterior? I wanted tan and green but not sure now.
  2. You know what would be nice is if we can compare the new colours to their closest matches on the Evora. The Nimbus Grey looks great on the configurator and in that paint sample and if it does look like Crayon, that is a winner for me.
  3. Haha! You said you always wanted a little sister. Our love won't be shared between you both, it will be multiplied. Now come on, let's go to McDonald's and you can have anything you want from the Happy Meal menu.
  4. aEdMIRA

    Lotus Emira

    It's individual choice. It's personal circumstances. It's opportunity. Money no object and only allowed 1 car for life, it wouldn't be an Emira V6 for me but I cannot think of another brand new manual car that will give me what I crave (other than cars in the Porsche stable if I knew a man who knew a man and the Ariel Atom.) All car drivers have stereotypes, it's human nature and that is why I respect car lovers who have a wide variety, from a Caterham to a RR Cullinan - as they only fit a certain stereotype when they are seen by narrow minded onlookers! The only people who deserve a car lover's contempt are the ones that base their decision on monthly repayment, insurance premium and locality of the dealer - everyone else, whether they drive a Ferrari 812 or a Fiat Coupe, have my respect. Apologies for going off topic, just waiting for that damn call or I'm going to my local Vauxhall dealer and buying a Meriva (currently £99 down, £99 a month!)
  5. Hi guys, not sure if this is helpful to anyone but I feel a little better not having shelled out £3k still... LIVE CHAT: Hi. The deposit calls for the V6. Are they in any order? I should have received my call by now as others who placed an order after Goodwood have received calls. Thanks Sunny 10:34 am Welcome to Lotus Cars UK. Chat may be recorded for training and quality purposes. Good morning, we are going in order from when the deposit was placed in our system. We have only been given a very small list from Lotus HQ to work through, this is in order from first in the system so please do be patient in the meantime. We will be contacting you soon in regard to this along with the private link. ME 10:35 am Thanks, but even though I placed it with my dealer before July? Sunny 10:36 am Correct, we have only started this week. Once again, being provided with a small list each day by Lotus HQ. ME 10:36 am Great, thank you very much. Enjoy your day! Sunny 10:36 am no problem, you too! EMAIL: Good afternoon FOMO Thank you for your email, Please rest assured, All priority deposit holders will be offered the opportunity of configuring a Lotus Emira (First Edition), We thank you for your patience at this time and look forward to reaching out to you, to discuss the next stage of configuring your Emira. If you do require any further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will do our utmost to help. Kind regards, Jamie
  6. Included with first edition cars.
  7. Is the number withheld guys? I don't usually answer unknown numbers Maybe they will just email if they donlt get through?
  8. Don't do this to me!!!!! I just hope it's bottle green. I loved the exige s1s with the black rear window so will blame my younger self!
  9. Nice vid! I like the red but just worried what red it will be so going safe with green! Privacy glass I think goes with roof and also it says rear window is tinted too but know exactly what you mean.
  10. I think chasing market share has messed things up a bit for Lotus but not that they will care. The things they have added like electric seats and cruise control etc. could have been removed for FE Sport and kept in for FE Touring. I would much rather have carbon shelled buckets and other lighter items than parking sensors and electric seats - I hope the FE will hold its value enough for me to get a "cup" version in a few years. The thing is it is so damn beautiful, you can kind of forgive everything! I'd only cheat on an Emira if I met a Maserati MC20 in a bar.
  11. Sport suspension but Goodyear tyres as don't want to die in a thunderstorm! Just need the wheel lip painted caliper yellow to complete look and then I'm happy!
  12. Changed again but cannot see a height drop with sport suspension
  13. Thanks Matt. Makes sense. Only a V6 for me, would prefer a V8 but beggars can't be choosers!
  14. They have updated it a little bit Now full black pack and lower black pack!
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