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  1. I must have but Joe recommended the one I bought to me but now I am going to go recheck lol. Yes Lotus did a factory twin disc on most V8's which mine has but this one, according to SJ, is better than the factory one. So I confirmed on the purchase order so i just linked the wrong one, that is my fault.
  2. I will take some pictures on the swap and input shaft. I am replacing all the seals and pins and such because I swear either the trans input shaft seal or the engine rear main is slowly leaking and this is the time to do it anyway so perfect time to show of JAE's input shaft upgrade which with this one it is just the front shaft you don't have to pull the trans apart is how Joe Described it to me so I figured this was a good compromise with myself for not pulling the trans apart like I originally wanted to. Here is the link to it: On the AIM dash I completely agree, they make a very nice looking product and my gauges are not all happy esp the Speedo it no longer works and the oil pressure gauge scared the hell out of me when I first bought the car. But I think, if done right it can look quite good with the 97n style dash. I am not sure on the newer models with that dash change but I am excited to see if I am right... I thought about doing the Speedhut gauges like I did with my FD RX7 when I swapped to an LS but as much as I like them the cost for the Lotus custom ones was actually right in line with the AIM unit so why not give that a run.
  3. Alright so I decided to go with the SJ Upgraded clutch but I also purchased the JAE Input shaft upgrade. Both JAE and SJ were great after I was able to speak with JAE (My car of course picked the time when their Lotus guy went on vacation to fail and that was the delay in communication, they were very honest and helpful) and both Steve and Joe felt I should leave the trans alone unless I planned on really going through it, since I have 0 issues out of it currently I should just keep taking excellent care of it and if I start having issues think about rebuilding then. So for once I was talked out of doing more work I may just get this done in a weekend after all lol. The reason I went with the SJ Uprated clutch was mainly price, my power levels and I knew I wanted more parts so if I am going to order from over seas I might as well do a big order. Getting everything I needed, clutch, seals, extra parts and all I was still 400 under the cost of the JAE Twin disc and while I have no doubt it is better my car didn't slip or have any issues as it was currently and I doubt the tune and water/meth will push it past the SJ Uprated level then which is really it's max goal and I then want to focus on the best suspension and braking possible along with just some gauge cluster and interior tweaks so it just seemed like the smart choice. But this means since I am coming in under budget with not rebuilding the trans I can get back to my digital AIM cluster project sooner... as soon as I figure out this 3d printer I bought to make replacement gauge cluster plastics... But I will create a thread for that when I get to it. Hopefully next weekend I can replace the clutch and have the car back on the road as I have missed driving it.
  4. Beyond the Catless Downpipes, EGR Removal and Water/Meth I don't plan to have you tune for anything else. The way the car feels now with the supposed tune it has on it from Johan it feels nice so I don't really expect to get above 500 with it I just like to over build things so I don't have to redo them later. My goal for this car is fun and handling as I have a fast drag car and a purpose built racer. I just hate redoing work because I took a shortcut the first time and this is certainly a car I don't want to do that with.
  5. After reading through a few threads here on the Clutch options with SJ or JAE I have gotten some pricing from SJ but JAE is not replying sadly. While Mike recommends JAE at this point I don't know the pricing or if they have the clutch and the input shaft for the trans in stock. I also wanted to get new seals for the trans, new synchro's etc since I will be in there I might as well handle all that. I have called and emailed but I am not having any luck. At this point if I don't hear anything by the end of the day I will have to go with SJ's offering as I need to get this ordered and shipping as soon as possible as that is the longest part of the process at this point.
  6. That does sound better, I already reached out for a price. Steve with SJ just got back to me I am waiting for JAE but I will probably order the input shaft and clutch from JAE based off your recommendation because let's face it we all know here that you can be trusted and you're kinda a guru with these cars. Good news is depending on how much I have left over I should be able to send you my PCM now for tuning since I will have everything torn apart lol.
  7. I already put the Slave housing back on without taking a picture, but I am going to work on pulling the trans hopefully this weekend if I can get the lift repaired. I will ask JAE for a price then on the Clutchmasters clutch.
  8. Nice, always great to meet another GA Esprit owner. I keep finding conflicting information on the twin disc use, even some claims Lotus started the twin disk sooner as well as converting some of the originals. But this looks really similar to my twin discs from my other cars so I'm hoping I'm not wrong. I would be down to save on shipping and yeah for the transmission I'm not sure who to find as I just moved here from AZ but I'm going start looking. So far I'm thinking if I can find someone who has worked on Porsche transmissions they might be willing to try this one.
  9. I'm probably not going to hit that mark but I figured over building would be the best, I keep hearing this transmission is used in GT40 kits but I keep avoiding looking because I'll want one of those to 😅 Guess I'm going to have to start looking for those groups.
  10. Mine is a twin from what I can see, sadly JAE doesn't list prices for the input shaft or clutch they offer where as SJ does and I've dealt with them a few times and they are always helpful. I really would like to go through my transmission at the same time even though it's fine and just make sure I never have issues with it. But being clear on if it's just an input shaft upgrade option or if there are other items is still something I'm working on.
  11. Anyone ever end up running the SJ Clutch I am looking now at replacement options myself
  12. Sadly I just don't know since I bought the car used and the prior owner didn't have a lot of paperwork. However the line has been replaced, the system bled and the car will not shift once running and the pedal feels wrong but when off I can put it in gear, start it and she moves while in the air... so I am include to agree the clutch is toast. Never had one fail quite like this but okay. So now to go through threads and see just how good the factory clutch is, look at aftermarket options and since I have to pull the trans this seems like a great time to pull the motor as well and do cam belts and such and since everything will be out I should redo the transmission so I need to look into what upgrades exist for it to live happy at the 600HP Range. I already have one car project going and another almost finished outside of fuel pump, interior and radio setup and tuning but clearly this means I have more to do... yayayaya
  13. Okay so as the title implies I'm getting confused, let's set the stage here. Land Rover Series 2a Clutch Slave Cylinder put on in November 2021 Wildwood Clutch Master Cylinder put on about 2 months ago I took the car out last night and had some fun, car seemed fine. Driving home no issues until I decided to finally try brake boosting for once. I never do this so it's a little new to me but I applied the brake some while keeping speed and built a little boost then let off and did a pull from 2nd to 3rd. Seemed fine, I can see why people do it but I thought nothing more of it then I went to shift and the pedal felt like it had a dead spot or a lack of normal pressure from start to finish. I was almost home so I pulled in, unable to shift into any gear thinking great the trans hates me, but with the clutch pedal feeling like it has a dead spot so I thought the slave died. I got under the car and I swore I saw fluid... So this morning I pull the slave but I can't find any issues or fluid leaks. The master is full, I check the line no issues and great pressure coming out the line. I looked in the bell housing and I see what I'm guessing are clutch disk fibers all over... It's like pet hair so I start cleaning everything up the best I can, make progress and then get back to checking the slave, again I can't find any fluid from the leak or signs of leaks. I see the metal line looks kinked (my car came with the stainless line) I check it and while trying to remove it the line breaks... I can clearly see where it started leaking when it broke vs before so while I think it was a restriction I still can't find a failure point or leak. I test the slave and it's full of fluid and moves freely and no signs of issues inside it... I'm lost here, but then to add to all this the trans shifts fine off and when I start the car just now (cold start since last night) no popping from the exhaust at all it sounds great. Usually every time I start the car it pops and sounds a little like a misfire until I've driven it like 500 feet I just wrote it off as being a quirk of the car (I've replaced the coil packs, plugs, gotten Magnacore wires and run fuel system cleaner through it a few times it never throws codes so that's how I came to that conclusion) It just doesn't make sense, the starting thing could be a fluke but right now I need to find the correct issue and frankly I'm not sure if it's a bad line, a slave issue or maybe a clutch issue...
  14. Yes sorry I should have clarified the gauge is working fine
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