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  1. So this just came in the mail, let's see how it looks installed.
  2. And here I thought these didn't have an immobilizer that must be the issue I am running into since the starter turns over when I push the button it just can't fire. Thank you for the harness layout that's perfect!!
  3. Sadly I do not have the diagram but when I tried powering that last wire I ran into the issue of it not working. I would not mind getting my Ignition cylinder fixed but since i am in the states it seems I am SOL for anyone being able to.
  4. I hope this is the right section, so my Ignition Cylinder locked in the off position and it seems the local shops here cannot help plus to remove it you need to be able to turn the cylinder... So I decided to try a Push to start button set up but I am having an issue. I can get the starter to work but the car won't actually start it just turns over. But if I use the stock switch with the housing pulled off and a screw driver it fires right up... I was following the guide someone else used for an S2000 Button on an S3 but mine seems a little different. With mine there are 4 wires but one of them I am not sure what to make of it, I thought it was a ground but I tried grounding it and that did not work so I tried applying power and that did not work. From what I figured out this is the wiring, 1 is Constant Power, 1 is Accessory, 1 is Ignition and then the 4th I just don't know... I testing it and it seems to OHM out to a ground as I said and turning the switch it never seems to get voltage even when started so I have no idea what to make of it but this one wire seems to be the problem with getting the car to run. The guide talks about 3 wires so I am a little confused on how to make this work.
  5. Well with how easy it was to take out I think I thought I could take it to a lock smith and it would be easy to fix but they took one look at it and said they can't get parts for it and that I was SOL... So I am buying an RFID Push to start system and just going to run that.
  6. Thanks I found that piece earlier seems the barrel is a different part... thinking about seeing if a lock smith can come out I am not sure what to think yet.
  7. So this morning the ignition cylinder on the Lotus decided to lock up, I have messed with it for some time trying Graphite Lube, then Lock De-Icer, then taping it, then hitting it a little harder out of frustration and it will not turn. I have also tried turning the steering wheel while doing all this it is just locked up for whatever reason. I noticed a GM Stamp in the casting but I have not found any reference to what this part reference might be for me to look one up and hopefully find one in the states. Would be great to also get the car running again just so I can move it around to my back pad and keep it there and just use this as an opportunity to do my intake manifold gaskets, coils, shifter bushings and other things I have been planning to do but first I need to get a part ordered and figure out what I am missing if anything. I have thought about just converting to a push button start but I am not sure I want to really... I guess I will look up if anyone else has done it. I found this on SJ: A082H4046F - STEERING COLUMN LOCK
  8. So I have noticed the Ignition Cylinder says GM on it but I have not found a replacement yet in here but this is a long topic. Has anyone found that out yet?
  9. As an update I ordered a set of Coils for a Land Rover Discovery (2004 I believe) that look like they should be the same with the exception of the connector orientation. I am going to try them and see, since I can't find an alternative so far for the intake manifold gaskets I am seeing if those can get to me faster than my last SJ Order, here is to hoping.
  10. So this weekend I did a few projects to my Lotus, Upgrade Radiator, CV Axle Boots, Trans Seal, EGR, Air etc delete (Now I need to check my PCM as I am getting an P1401 Code I believe which seems to be related to EGR and supposedly my car has a Johans PCM so that should not be happening) but found I forgot to buy intake manifold gaskets... So this morning I went to order those and noticed that new Trans Seal I just replaced seems to be leaking again... wonderful. But I thought I might as well replace the coil packs to but after seeing them Ia m concerned with the Ford placement as the connector for the factory ones points up and the Ford one points down so there might not be room... I am not sure I am going to look at my pictures. But I am curious did anyone find any alternate parts in the US for the Coils or the Intake Manifold gaskets? I like SJ Sports but the shipping was over a month so something faster would be nice.
  11. Well this isn't related to this, I'm just replacing/upgrading the radiator at the same time as a few other things so I have a few more questions. First has anyone seen this connector next to the horns it doesn't look OEM. Second does Lotus have an actual correct grommet for the spark plug wires going through the opening at the valve cover because they just siliconed mine in there... Lastly thanks for the info on the meth spot I was looking at before the TB and wondered if you didn't do that because it was better, good to know.
  12. So I'm working on this now along with other things. I'm a little confused though so I'm trying to make a block of t plate for what I believe to be the air pump and the valve that controls it and is part of that throttle spacer. I can see it though still in the first picture v8GTmac1 posted. My other point of confusion is there is what looks like some kind of coolant cross over with a vacuum diaphragm and I have no idea what it is, in trying to post a picture.
  13. Thanks, I think that is the exact one I have mine just doesn't have the harness but it does have the LED Lights it looks like... and I really don't like them. Need to see if I can get some of the factory lights instead, the concave look is much nicer.
  14. So when I bought my 97 I also got an aftermarket (I believe) rear panel to upgrade the tails to the circle style. It is painted and has brand new lights but he said I needed to do the wiring I was hoping by chance there might be a guide and perhaps even someone who sells the tail light connector plug so I can make them plug and play. I also happen to need the badges as I don't want to remove mine I want to be able to go back and forth between them if I want. The prior owner told me that was what he wanted to be able to do and this kit would allow that he just never finished it. Thanks
  15. I would love some of the information on the TPS changes you made and pictures you took that would be a huge help. I was thinking about the start, mine seems find but I have only had the car about a week at this point so I can't really say I know better. Thank you on the Magnacore wires I will order those, I need to spend more time looking at SJ... and I just spent $430.00 lol but I got most everything I needed. I think I am going to try this MSD Coil pack idea soon but for now I will leave the stock coils as I have spent a lot getting the car fixed so far lol. Enjoy it for a little while with the changes before I start my strange ideas.
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