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  1. I would love some of the information on the TPS changes you made and pictures you took that would be a huge help. I was thinking about the start, mine seems find but I have only had the car about a week at this point so I can't really say I know better. Thank you on the Magnacore wires I will order those, I need to spend more time looking at SJ... and I just spent $430.00 lol but I got most everything I needed. I think I am going to try this MSD Coil pack idea soon but for now I will leave the stock coils as I have spent a lot getting the car fixed so far lol. Enjoy it for a little while with the changes before I start my strange ideas.
  2. So tonight I finished a tune up and of course one plug wire had to come apart and I had to redo it. I figured since I was planning to pull the intake manifold and redo all the vacuum lines and remove all the EGR Crap that this would be a good time to get quality Coils and Plug Wires. I started looking and I found that PNM doesn't seem to carry plug wires, haven't checked the others but I looked up MSD and Magnacore and found nothing. Are there no Aftermarket options at all? I would really like to just do this job once and while stock is fine most of the time usually I upgraded plug wires... granted it's been years since I had a car that actually used them instead of Coil on Plug but I did a quick search and didn't see anything on Plug Wires so wanted to ask everyone here for some advice, thanks. I then looked and I can find factory Coil Packs it looks like some Opels used them as well but same with no aftermarket. Then I remember the Ford 4.6L and 5.4L V8 coil packs and the connector is different but everything else looks the same, the MSD 8241 Coil Packs. You would have to make your own plug wires... I think I still remember how to do that but it looks like I might have to do that anyway lol. Anyone done this I saw some MSD Coil threads for the 4Cyl model but not the V8
  3. So I am not finding the right kit or... I am just confused... probably both. So at JAE I am not finding it at all. At PNM I found the translator but this is not the kit or the full kit I thought. Looking at the diagram I thought I needed other bushings that go to the shifter base in the car and I am not seeing those. I am all for getting this too but I think I need the pieces inside the car as well. Now when I look up the earlier Esprit I see the kit for inside the car but I want to be sure I understood correctly and this will be the same for my 97. Can anyone confirm this for me before I order the wrong thing? Thanks
  4. Thanks I was just looking for a Lotus dealer near me and not having any luck.
  5. Thanks, it is def bad, but then it's been a long time since I had a cable shifter set up to, but I do remember being able to upgrade bushings and such so I will look into the repair kit mentioned because I really feel like this is way to sloppy but for a 97 that does make sense and I don't know the full history of the car yet the prior owner forgot to send me the docs which he is correcting (And the inspection that was supposedly awesome was missing a few... big things)
  6. Thanks for those diagrams those are great, since I take it MY98 means Model Year 1998 I think mine will still be the older version sadly. So I guess I need to look up if anyone has swapped to the MY98 shifter on an older V8 and what it would take to get my hands on those parts vs working on my current shifter setup and fixing issues it most likely has. And to answer your question Erik, no I have not gotten the guides yet, haven't found them online yet.
  7. I can move it with the controls no issue it just stops where it is hitting the housing and I still can hardly see anything but the side of the car. I was going to look into how to pull it apart as Escape mentioned tonight and see if I can improve it but I am not sure if it has been hit. It doesn't look like it but I have also had the car just a few days and half that time has been with the car down while I fix issues.
  8. So far I have not found everything but I have been focusing more on the Alternator I had to replace, the AC that doesn't work, Bad Vacuum lines and the shifter that feels horrible. (Also other things like CV Boots etc) So it sounds like when I can locate everything, besides needing to make some block off plates this should not be to bad outside of the head points you mentioned to tap those with the engine in the car might be fun.
  9. So far I have been able to find upgrades for the older Espirts but nothing for the V8 version it seems or I am misreading it. But the new Espirt I bought, along with the other problems I am addressing, shifts horribly... no grinds or anything it's just the worst feeling shifter I have ever used and I have a feeling this is more the age and components in the shifter linkage than the shifting itself. I keep taking my time and not forcing anything as I know these transmissions do not respond well to that but I would like to get it cleaner and crisper. Could anyone direct me to what I am missing for a refresh kit, or upgrade I know in other vehicles with cable clutch set ups they usually make kits with bronze bushings and better brackets and such I was kinda hoping something similar exists for the Lotus. Thank you
  10. So I thought it was maybe my Drivers Side mirror but I just can't get it to go out further and it's creating a huge blind sport for me. Does anyone make I believe it was convex replacements to give you more viewing area? I have checked everything with the mirror and it is def hitting the housing so it is as far over as it can go and 1/2 or more is just the side of the car. I pushed the house in and back out trying to see if that was the issue but again it seems fine so I figured this was just something you have to deal with but I am hoping there are some improvements. Thanks
  11. For those that do this upgrade the modifications to fit it are basically just opening the mounting points on the alternator itself the top bracket needs to be opened slightly (I believe it was from 22.4 to 22.7 it's not much) and the plastic back piece needs the cooling piece trimmed off but otherwise it fits with just some effort and possibly a little cursing. I was able to install it by just loosening the motor mounts and slightly lifting the motor up.
  12. A little new here so I apologize if I missed it in my searches but I am trying to find some information on removing the EGR on the new Esprit I bought. Mainly I found a few diagrams for the EGR but I want to be sure I understand correctly so I can remove everything and handle any lines I need to. My car was imported to Canada originally then brought in the US and I am working on removing things that I don't need in the engine bay. It has a Johan PCM in it already and my understanding is I can remove everything EGR with any PCM setup he does. I see the tube in the back on the drivers side but I am not 100% sure on where everything else is... and I have had the car for just a few days and have had to start correcting things with it so I figured this was a good time to get unneeded things out of my way. Thank you
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