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  1. So I am finishing this up today, so far I also found this guide and it is very helpful when it comes to the cutting. Esprit tailight conversion.pdf
  2. Alright, had to stop as I moved from AZ to GA but now I am back at this. I did get the stock lights and wiring harness from another newer Esprit so now I just need to mount this up and using the prior link I have a good idea what to do but I see a few people made these kits and each is a little different. Guess I just have to jump in and see if I can figure out which is which.
  3. Okay so I am looking for a little help, what dust covers are you running to replace these round ones I currently have? I put new wheels on but would like to run the center caps yet I need a flat cover not a long rounded one like I have currently. I have been trying to look at other options but at this point I am just guessing as I haven't found the factory specs for these. I was hoping someone here could help, thanks.
  4. Sadly I was never able to get an answer but I can say that the fronts like a 35 offset and the rears took a 1' Spacer plus I used another smaller one just to push them out a little further, I will probably buy a new single spacer but I had to use one that bolts to the hub for the 1' so maybe a 1.25' would be perfect but the rears were the 35 offset as well and while they cleared they were just sunk in to far. Now the main issue left is the front Axle Dust Covers, I need to find flat ones so I can run the wheel caps.
  5. So I keep seeing different information on the net and could really use some help on finding the correct information as I am about to buy a set of wheels today and I want to be sure I get the right offsets and see if I need Hub Centric Rings. So I keep seeing smaller wheel sizes listed saying the fronts are a 30mm Offset and the Rears a 35mm Offset, my car has the factory 18's and I am staying with 18's I am looking at a set of ESR wheels that have the option for: Front: ESR CS11 18x8.5 +30 88551430 CS11GR-ML 5X108 Rear: ESR CS11 18x9.5 +22 89551422 CS11GR-ML 5X108 or Rear: ESR CS11 18x9.5 +35 89551422 CS11GR-ML 5X108 I was inclined to go with the +35mm ones but I just want to be sure before I make a purchase. Here is an example of the wheels: Thank you
  6. The coils you recommended work fine, it's the Land Rover Coils I originally tried that do not work.
  7. Just to finish this off, I tried switching coil connectors thinking I may have gotten the connectors backwards but the Land Rover Coils still did not work so most likely these cannot be used without repinning the connector or just no9t at all even though they seem so Similar. However the suggestion of ordering from Trodo was great they were far faster and the price was great. Thank you again for introducing me to that, I owe you a drink @tmusc If I get the chance to revisit the Land Rover option (Keeping the coils) I will see if I can figure out if it is a repinning or they just will not work ever.
  8. Sadly mine were not probably old tape and the last shop to work on it but I switched them and it fired right up so thankfully it was just something that simple. Next time I will put small labels on them... but hopefully I don't have a next time since I have replaced the coils and plug wires wire lol.
  9. I will double check that as well would be frustrating if it was that but with everything under there I could see it happening.
  10. So I am going over a few things after installing a new set of Factory Coils and it seems that although I have confirmed the plug wires are in the right spot I either have a bad fuse or relay possibly although I wouldn't expect a relay to be used... Or the connectors are on the wrong coil packs but as they both look the same I am not 100% sure if that is possible but thankfully it's easy to switch them. The only other thing I can think of is that the connectors/wiring has an issue as well it is older wiring and that happens. I kinda want to see if anyone makes an aftermarket updated harnesses we can buy that allow us to address this but I guess we will address that later. If anyone has some insight I would appreciate some further idea's that maybe I have overlooked. Thanks
  11. I didn't know that, good to know. Honestly I think it's mainly just me knowing that I can't go get a simple part and have to keep a stock pile that bothers me. I hate not having spares of common parts that can be needed but then I also find myself looking more into the threads where guys have moved to Megasquirt I might just put some real thought into doing that in the next year along with moving to a digital cluster. Looks like it will help clear a lot of issues.
  12. I have never been a big fan of JAE, the prices are always higher than just ordering from SJ and paying shipping and the customer service as well as website leave me feeling like there is not much effort put into it. When I can get coils from SJ for 68 each plus one shipping charge vs 100 each plus a shipping charge it's just not worth it. Sure they get here faster but clearly SJ is the better option and the customer service is excellent. However they technically are a US option, so yes it's possible but I would like to find something a little more readily available then just one spot in the entire country.
  13. That's a great price, sadly though with me being in the US this is why I went looking for other options. I could but the problem is I would like to not destroy the old ones since they work and currently these new ones do not. I agree, but apparently finding a US version of the part has been the issue they were used on a few cars in the EU but not over here it seems.
  14. Okay, so I wanted to find Ignition Coils that were easier to purchase in the US as most Esprit parts are harder to get your hands on. The original Esprit V8 Coils are -- A918E6009F I found these Land Rover Coils -- 48675 (2003 Land Rover Discovery 4.6L V8) Visually they are very close, the coil numbers per tower match, the plug orientation is different but the same connector and they visually look the same when next to each other. I got a set to test with as I think one of my coil packs is getting weak, but sadly the car doesn't run with them and I have confirmed I got the plug wires connected correctly. I found this wiring diagram for the Land Rover Coils would any of you have a coil wiring diagram I could go over to confirm the pins are the same on the connector and don't need to be moved? Otherwise, it is back to the drawing board for a good coil option in the US.
  15. So I was able to dig this up on the Land Rover Coils, if I could compare it to the Lotus Coil Diagram I could verify if this is the same or if that's the issue. A Anyone have a coil wiring diagram for the Lotus Ignition Coils?
  16. Sadly the plug wires are connected correctly so the Land Rover coils just might not work after all.
  17. Looking at my picture and this drawn diagram someone posted on another forum I think my Passenger top two are off. It's hard to see but I think that is the curve of a 3 behind the wiring going to what I think is the fuel injectors behind the knock sensor on the passenger side #3 where it should be #1 the rest seem right but I cannot confirm all of them. Anyone else that can tell me if this diagram is indeed accurate?
  18. Does anyone have a diagram of the Plug Wire to Coil Terminals. I took pictures but I think I got them wrong as the car is having some issues. I have a few pictures I can share of before and after but I think I got some of the wires backwards mainly the top two. Thanks for any help.
  19. I think I got the plug wires connected wrong even though I took pictures. I am going to try checking my older photos to see and look for a diagram here but it could be that these just will not work even though everything does seem to be very similar. If anyone has a diagram of what wire numbers/wires go where I would appreciate it. Thank you.
  20. One of the ignition wires at the key end pulled out, thankfully it was something simple it cranks over great now.
  21. So I was having some issues with my starter and while I could push start the car it was just not working. I took that as the start just needed to be rebuilt so I took it in to a shop here that rebuilds them and used it as a chance to replace my coils and do some clean up. I got the starter back, along with some information on what they did all seemed good I put it all back together but now the starter does not even click or try not even a voltage drop the battery just sits steady at 12.5/12.4. It is a new battery and I even put it on the charger for a little while but the fact that I hear the fuel pumps, everything else comes on lead me to believe this is not a battery issue. I can't exactly reach the starter without removing the intake manifold so I can't try jumping it but I believe the local company they have rebuilt quite a few starters for me. I checked fuses and everything is good so I am now looking for relays to test but at this point my thought is the Starter is not getting the signal to actually try to start at this point so I am looking for ways to test bypassing the ignition switch and try to start it manually can anyone help with that? Also any diagrams of the relays would be helpful too. Thanks
  22. So I finally got around to working on this, and handling my starter getting rebuilt. Here are some pictures of the coils next to each other, everything fit well and the coil towers being shorter make it easier to access those PITA bolts in and out on the coil mounting. I'm going to finish a few other things tomorrow and fire it up, I'll report back then.
  23. So this just came in the mail, let's see how it looks installed.
  24. And here I thought these didn't have an immobilizer that must be the issue I am running into since the starter turns over when I push the button it just can't fire. Thank you for the harness layout that's perfect!!
  25. Sadly I do not have the diagram but when I tried powering that last wire I ran into the issue of it not working. I would not mind getting my Ignition cylinder fixed but since i am in the states it seems I am SOL for anyone being able to.
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