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  1. Congratulations, i bet you feel like James Bond .
  2. Very addictive car to drive, yes a constant smile when i'm not concentrating hard lol. I'll store it over winter but if i get cold crisp dry days i'll take it out and let the supercharger whine.
  3. Wash and polish, new nose badge and a refresh of the air intake grilles, driving my Mrs mad with OCD over this car....we still can't believe we own it. šŸ˜‚
  4. British Racing Green was only available for the UK market, some of them had paint issues too. That one is a case queen, Iā€™ve recorded with it but never gigged it.
  5. British Racing Green Rickenbacker 4003, one of 25 in existence. B
  6. Hey Ramjet thank you, It's a 260 Cup, they are standard! šŸ™‚
  7. Thank you, here's a couple after a quick wash and polish after driving her home.
  8. Welcome to the greatest family on earth. Well for Lotus anyway.

    So, give up the secret. Where about's are you hiding out and have you applied to join Club Lotus North East Scotland yet, or LEG's

    PM me for email details on both if you want.

    1. Granite Exige

      Granite Exige

      Hi John, pleased to meet you. The links would be great thank you :),Ā I'm in the granite city.

  9. Hi from the North East of Scotland, just bought my first Lotus. šŸ™‚
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