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  1. Congratulations, i bet you feel like James Bond .
  2. Very addictive car to drive, yes a constant smile when i'm not concentrating hard lol. I'll store it over winter but if i get cold crisp dry days i'll take it out and let the supercharger whine.
  3. Wash and polish, new nose badge and a refresh of the air intake grilles, driving my Mrs mad with OCD over this car....we still can't believe we own it. šŸ˜‚
  4. British Racing Green was only available for the UK market, some of them had paint issues too. That one is a case queen, Iā€™ve recorded with it but never gigged it.
  5. British Racing Green Rickenbacker 4003, one of 25 in existence. B
  6. Hey Ramjet thank you, It's a 260 Cup, they are standard! šŸ™‚
  7. Thank you, here's a couple after a quick wash and polish after driving her home.
  8. Hi from the North East of Scotland, just bought my first Lotus. šŸ™‚
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