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  1. New to Lotus, is the manual really bothersome to be used as daily drive? This is going to be my weekend car when I don't need more than two seats. I do get stuck in traffic quite a bit on weekends. What about gear ratio? Reviews on the Porsche Cayman GT4 / Spyder seems to suggest that you will only use 1st and 2nd gear if you want to stay within speed limit. How about the Lotus manual box?
  2. Got the call and the personal link today. I placed ths deposit on 27-Jul. I already know all details through this very helpful forum 😀 And she wouldn't be able to tell me roughly when I am in the queue.
  3. I guess the colour is shadow grey?
  4. Exactly, I wonder why they don't just email everyone their private link, and opt for calling people one by one.
  5. Looks like they are still doing up to 8-Jul after 2 weeks. I placed the deposit in late Jul, probably another few weeks before I get the link... Really unsure when my car will go onto production line. Not having an idea how long the queue is and how long the wait will be does not help.
  6. Is there enough space behind the seats for an 80l check-in luggage? 78 x 51 x 27cm Wonder if it can do the odd airport runs.
  7. It will be my first visit to B&C tomorrow night. Wonder if there is enough parking onsite for the roadshow.
  8. I don't know how effective ceramic coating protects against bird droppings, swirl marks definitely.
  9. I wonder how many phone calls Lotus can make in a day. Is there another mini site to order and pay the additional £3000?
  10. I am wondering about the same. I wonder if Lotus offers the tracker with any additional functions than the standard Scorpion has to offer. If it's standard, then the same costs a little less elsewhere.
  11. The price of v6 seems to be on par with what has been speculated. I like the sound of v6, so that's where I feel I am. But Lotus did say they will make the AMG sound like a Lotus, that makes the choice a bit less definitive... The black pack for £1200 seems a bit expensive. I am trying to convince myself that the body colour top looks as nice, but not quite... What about the tracker? Do people spec that usually? Is that a standard tracker or if Lotus has its own customisation? More questions, LOL
  12. Greetings! The Lotus Emira caught my eyes and a deposit was made. Been reading this forum since Jul thanks for all the great information. Looking forward to see the car in UK road show end of the month! Ben
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