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  1. This doesn't take long to go to £2,110.
  2. In this case, maybe Lotus hasn't done anything differently on OTR for Emira. It is just done differently in this marquee. Apologise for my ignorance. As Lotus tries to attract people from other marquees, it helps to have the cost layout upfront to avoid surprises. The OTR cost has nothing to do with the type approval so perhaps can be shared earlier. I still think that having the option to not valet and collect from factory at a reduced OTR will enhance the buying experience.
  3. I agree with @Emiralustthat having the option to not valet and pick up directly from factory with a lower OTR would be a great outcome. Can anyone share how much Lotus or its dealers used to charge for OTR? Existing Lotus owners seem to be reluctant to share that figure.
  4. Maybe tough, and I hope they are simply passing on the cost. As a reference, to detail and ceramic coat a Porsche Macan, which is deemed a "large" car at most detailer, costed me less than £1k. The detailer is located at Surrey. If we know what the previous OTR Lotus charges, we roughly know if the charge is inflated within reason. I disagree though Lotus should use OTR to make up for increased overall cost since car is announced. Are they going to decrease the OTR when they can mark up on par with inflation next year?
  5. The VAT and VED are unavoidable and isn't a decision of one party. The excessive OTR feels like profiteering. I am sure that people would have complained a lot if Lotus had marked up on the vat and ved too. Marking up the OTR to me feels similar to that. Of all the things that they can make a profit from, OTR to me is a standard last mile service that should be offered close to cost. I can untick options to save cost, but I have no way to untick OTR. Why make a noticeable profit on services Lotus requires their partners to deliver (dealer or car transportation company)? Why not just pass on the cost?
  6. For those who has experience buying new from Lotus, was OTR always charged separately and not included with the listed price?
  7. Porsche charges nothing to prepare the new car and offer half day experience for free at the Porsche experience centre at Silverstone.
  8. The drawing makes sense. The passenger seat in the photo is also fully extended.
  9. I have always selected the silver wheel. Diamond cut by nature is shiny at the cut section. The wheel on the blue show car didn't look as shiny as a normal diamond cut. Perhaps it was a painted finish? My current car has diamond cut wheel. The shiny section does get dull pretty quickly with brake dust and English weather. 😁
  10. I thought the space behind the lower back of the seat is available. Looks like only half of it from this photo.
  11. New to Lotus, is the manual really bothersome to be used as daily drive? This is going to be my weekend car when I don't need more than two seats. I do get stuck in traffic quite a bit on weekends. What about gear ratio? Reviews on the Porsche Cayman GT4 / Spyder seems to suggest that you will only use 1st and 2nd gear if you want to stay within speed limit. How about the Lotus manual box?
  12. Got the call and the personal link today. I placed ths deposit on 27-Jul. I already know all details through this very helpful forum 😀 And she wouldn't be able to tell me roughly when I am in the queue.
  13. I guess the colour is shadow grey?
  14. Exactly, I wonder why they don't just email everyone their private link, and opt for calling people one by one.
  15. Looks like they are still doing up to 8-Jul after 2 weeks. I placed the deposit in late Jul, probably another few weeks before I get the link... Really unsure when my car will go onto production line. Not having an idea how long the queue is and how long the wait will be does not help.
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