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  1. Yeah mate it was brilliant! Each section of the museum was dedicated to a different era or country or origin. If you’re ever in that neck of the woods I’d highly recommend going. There’s over 400 cars on display and if you time a visit with a Breakfast Club car meet in their car park there’s ever more to drool over 🤤😂
  2. FUMING 😤 That beautiful Exige front end 🥺
  3. Hi mate What a fantastic place to get married! I didn't notice a lot of land rovers but the breakfast club meet starts at 8am and got there at 9:20am so they may have left before it go too busy, especially if they were nursing hangovers..... 😂 I can't believe I've never been before it was absolutely brilliant 😁
  4. Hi Mike it was a bit of a trek for me (2.5 hour drive each way) but well worth it. I went for the breakfast club car meet and I had a wonder around the motor museum afterwards which was incredible! It was the best day out I’ve had in ages 😁 The weather was very good for the car meet and although it didn’t last it was decent when we needed it to be. As you pointed out it’s ticket only at £5 each and if the money goes towards the running of the museum I’m more than happy with that. It must cost a phenomenal amount to run that place 😬🤑 I hope to see you down there one day mate 👍
  5. I went to the Haynes breakfast club car meet today for the first time. I think it’s held on the first Sunday of every month in Yeovil, Sommerset. Very good atmosphere and some great cars…
  6. The whole museum is huge I’ve got way too many photos to post but here’s some of my fav’s It’s well worth the trip tho 👍
  7. I went to the Haynes breakfast club car meet today and I was blown away with how incredible the Haynes International Motor Museum was after checking it out after the car meet. The entry fee is £16 but that includes as many entries as you like for the next 12 months. I’d highly recommend it to any petrol head…. Lotus section 😍
  8. Just read through the whole thread and I must say Paul you’ve done some excellent modifications and it’s very good of you to take the time to share them with everyone. I will be having a go at most or all of then myself too. First on my list will be the exhaust valve switch (no key fob after reading this as I originally though I wanted) you’ve saved me a lot of hassle there mate thank you 😊 I’m really chuffed after seeing this it’s answered a lot if queries I had, thanks 👌👌👌
  9. Just ordered some DBW PEDALS 😁
  10. I think I'd rather run it under the door and keep the alarm active but it would save lifting the boot if it was as simple as plugging it into the cigarette outlet 😁 Although I drive it at least once a week usually I always leave my cars on charge in the Carcoon. I really appreciate your help buddy. I'll let you know how I get on 👍 Perfect thanks pal 😁
  11. I didn't realise that Stratton was so close to the Lotus factory. Might be able to tie it in with a track day at Hethel or Cadwell 😁 I'd been very keen for that next year buddy 🤜🤛 I've just paid my sign up membership on the 'Lotus on Track' website and it asked where I heard about them so I put your name down in the box. They organise a lot of Lotus track days by the looks of it so I'll try and tie it in with my annual service next year which I think is around April time and keep you posted.
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