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  1. I brought a used but never fitted Tubular quiet track exhaust that sailed through testing at Cadwell Park without the additional cans be required. Very straight forward to fit but quite time consuming so it'll be staying on for the foreseeable even though the factory exhaust sounds so good
  2. You normally get what you pay for and the quality was definitely there 🙂
  3. In all honesty I brought these pedals about 8 months ago and they’ve sat on the window cill since then up until I fitted them a couple of days ago and I can’t even remember how much the pedals were let alone the postage, sorry. I do remember thinking that they were expensive at the time and I think the pedals with the postage were over £100. They’re all solid aluminium tho and come with spare bolts and spacers if that helps justify the price….🙈 They’re specifically designed for Elise/Exige so not just generic ‘Fits all’ 👍
  4. Thanks mate. I didn’t time it although I should have but it must have been about an hour. It’s not something I’d want to do before every track day so it’ll stay on now until the end of the summer 👍
  5. Again the daughters gym mat is a must for the knees especially I’ve your drive is chipping like mine 😬🙈👍 I ended up putting one of the supplied spacers behind the brake pedal and moving the accelerator one over to the right. If anyone was wondering where I brought the pedals the link is below;
  6. These were a ball ache to fit….. if the pedals were on a work bench it would be a 10 minute job but the access is so crap it takes ages…. You have to drill the rivets out on the OEM pedals first Once the rivets have been drilled out you’ll need to heat the pedal with a heat gun and prize them off as pedals are glued as well as riveted in the factory…. Job done and although I changed the position after going for a test drive, hell and toe is now a breeze 👌
  7. Thanks for letting me know mate. I brought the exhaust for track days with the intention of leaving it on once fitted so now it’s on I shouldn’t need to worry about about any noise limits on any track in the UK hopefully so that’s one less thing to worry about 👍 If it is an issue at a certain track I can easily remove the carbon tips and fit the extension pipes now the silencer is on and according to Jim’s figures that’ll be fine for any track 😁
  8. All done with carbon tips for now. I have got the additional extension pipes which would be easy to swap for the carbon tips if it’s still too loud for track use. I’m very pleased with it though and will leave it on for road use as it sounds good It’s louder than I was expecting (hopefully quiet enough for track) I’ll be doing several track days this summer and I don’t fancy swapping it every other week that’s for sure 🙈😂 Thanks to @tactical lizardfor sending the exhaust and enabling me to avoid the unpredictable lead time 👌 Anyone notice in the photos that the Cup 430 chassis’ says Cup 380 on it 😂😂
  9. OEM silencer removed, I do love the OEM titanium silencer….. it’s such a shame that it’s too loud for track use ☹️ Tubular quiet track silencer not full connected but in place….
  10. I’m sure this will have come up before but thought I’d post it as it may help someone else out in future. I’ve definitely got one incredible piece of advise….. use a gymnastic mat (my daughter doesn’t know I used hers yet and it’s pretty much wrecked now but I’ll get her another one) 😂 I put the Tubular quiet track exhaust on yesterday ahead of doing some track days this summer. It took me a minute to suss out which bit went where so I took plenty of photos in the hope that anyone else doing the same could refer to them if they’re doing the samething in the future. The rear diffuser has to come off and I removed one of the side supports for the brackets. I thought it would be a case of just forcing it out with a screwdriver but it didn’t come out easily so I thought it would be better to just remove it as it was only a case of removing two bolts…. First job - remove diffuser After undoing all of the necessary exhaust bolts I removed one of the brackets to allow the silencer to come off
  11. Great vid 👍 Trcak looks awesome 👌 plenty of run off (hopefully not required) 🙈😂😂
  12. That’s good news thanks mate. I think I’ll leave it on now as I’ll be doing at least one track day a month for the next 6 months and don’t fancy going through that ordeal twice a month, every month….. it actually sounds pretty nice and it’s louder than I was expecting (hopefully quiet enough for track tho) if it’s still over the noise limit at any track I have got the additional extension tips which will be easy to bolt on now if required 👍
  13. Thanks for the reply Bibs I assume that as the cat hasn’t been touched and it’s just the silencer it should be fine (hopefully) it’s on there now anyway and it’s not coming off because it was a ball ache to fit…. 🙈😂
  14. Nice day to give Snibsy a wash 😍
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