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  1. This is a good video to watch pal You could also always buy a cheap noise meter. It might not be as accurate as a more expensive one but it’ll give you an idea for around £20|tkp%3ABFBMmv31uK9g
  2. Take a look at these mate it should help with Db figures Quite a few tracks only test a static reading where they rely upon you to be honest and hold the revs to the amount they’ve asked you to so read into that as you may……
  3. Very interesting to hear both sides of the argument. It sounds like @ecwasn't placing the blame on @2bular Exhausts and Jim has made some valid points. I've personally always found Jim to be helpful on the phone but obviously under very different circumstances. @ecOut of interest do you think that you would not have had this issue in the exact same set of circumstances but with a different make of exhaust? I must say that I was really impressed with the build quality of my 2bular track exhaust and I was extremely concerned after first seeing the post where yours had broken and set your car on fire but it does sound like the car had a hard life and there's nothing wrong with that in fact it's great that you get so much enjoyment out of it and are able to get so much track time in but that amount boarders on motorsport requirements and when I was hillclimbing Westfield's years ago I came across lots of people who would spend £20k plus on race engine builds that came with zero warranty just because it was deemed as a 'motorsport engine' and it's quite common for expensive motorsport components to not come with any warranty due to the sheer demand placed upon to them. That being said most companies would help out if it was obvious that they had cocked something up or if an engine/component blew after a very short period of time. Obviously a track exhaust is designed to be used on track so you'd like to assume that it can hold up to track conditions but the real question is suppose is how much non-visible damage was done to the exhaust during the front end crash and it's something that can't really be answered at this stage. Please don't take this the wrong way, I'm certainly not taking sides I'm just giving my opinion and I feel extremely sympathetic towards @ecI myself completely wrote of a very expensive Westfield at a hillclimb event with no insurance years ago and it left a great big gaping hole in my wallet so I know your pain and it's not a nice one especially when you have put so much time and money into a vehicle to see it gone in an instance. @ecmade the point that he wasn't necessarily placing the blame on Jim and he was more disappointed in Jim's handling of the situation. I think I speak for everyone when I say that I wish you the very best of luck getting the car back on the road.
  4. So this has happened more than once with 2bular exhausts? If an exhaust manufacturer won’t accept responsibility and there’s no warranty for a track exhaust when used on track what stops them from just making exhausts from balsa wood? As you say it is laughable…. The only deterrent is word of mouth and a loss of future business I guess
  5. Ah I see, sorry I do remember seeing that part of the exhaust had snapped in the photo now that you mention it….. I’m still really shocked by this
  6. Hoping this might help some people as I’ve found it to be an absolute game changer…. I used to use several towels when drying the car and then leave them hanging up around the house for several days afterwards (which the wife loved) but over the course of the past few weeks I’ve started using a car dryer and they are perfect for drying any Lotus as you can fully dry the car in every single nook and cranny. I definitely wouldn’t say it’s a quicker way to dry your car as it is quite time consuming but what I can say is that if you’re thorough your can will be totally dry everywhere and leaving water sitting in certain areas will damage your car in the long run. I brought a big boi with the double motor and although it wasn’t cheap it is amazing. Just thought I’d share as I’m so impressed with it and wish that I’d come across it sooner. I’ll leave pics and link below;
  7. Thanks for sharing @Paul_D I’m not on Facebook so I HiJacked my wife’s FB and joined the group. Very interesting/scary read 😬🙈 Was the fire caused by the internal wadding catching fire? Do you know if Eddie had a full 2bular Decat system with manifolds etc or if it was literally just the silencer? Would having the silencer re-packed have prevented the issue? No matter of the answers it’s still extremely alarming!!!
  8. No I think you’ve got confused mate the guy with the Cup 430 who was lifting didn’t have a track exhaust (Lotus or 2bular) he had the EOM standard factory titanium exhaust which would get you flagged at any track. He was getting around the issue by lifting at the mic’s and avoiding them. That’s not something that I would enjoy or want to do personally but I was giving the example that if you are willing to lift and avoid mic’s you could use any exhaust because the OEM exhaust is very loud. Seriously Lotus have had track exhausts on back order from Lotus for ages and unless things have changed recently they didn’t even know if or when they’d be getting any and there was a queue you could join if you wanted too
  9. Awesome car mate. The 2bular track exhaust should be fine anywhere especially if you’ve also ordered the extension cans EXCEPT for Bedford that is. Most tracks have a 92dB drive by noise limit but Bedford is the only track in the UK which has a 87.5dB drive by limit so unless you’re willing to lift and dodge the mic’s the 2bular exhaust with the extension cans will be too loud I’m afraid. Don’t let that put you off the 2bular track exhaust though it’s an excellent exhaust and a work of art. I registered a 92dB at Bedford in a Cup 430 with the extension cans which would have been fine at any other UK track just not okay there….
  10. Thought it might be of interest but since fitting the 2bular track exhaust I’ve been to Cadwell and Bedford. I was a bit slow getting organised in the morning at Cadwell and just as I queued for the static test they announced that they weren’t noise testing any more cars (ever though there were only two of us left to do?) and it would now be done in the pits before the sighting laps. It never happened though and nobody questioned it but I’m confident that it would have been fine and if not I’d brought the extension cans if required. Bedford on the other hand was a complete nightmare. I stupidly didn’t research the actual bB limits at any tracks I just thought that with the track exhaust and additional extension cans if required I’d be totally fine. I found out the hard way that Bedford is the most strict track in the whole of the UK for noise limits. On the whole most UK circuits are around 92dB drive by but Bedford is the only track that is 87.5dB and because of this lots of people lift at the mic’s and drive away from them. I don’t want to have to lift at any track I think it puts a huge dampener on the day if you can’t go flat out where you want too. I passed the static test at Bedford but then got black flagged for noise pretty soon into it. I said that I’d put the extension cans on and that should do it. I did a couple 20 minutes runs but then got black flagged for noise again. I was clocked at 92dB which would be fine pretty much anywhere else. I know it’s not Bedford’s fault that it’s so strict there and it’s purely down to the local council but I definitely wouldn’t go back there even though I absolutely loved the track. Santa Pod drag strip is in the same vicinity and has no noise regulations at all. One of the Marshall’s told me that they get away with it because it’s been there for so long. In summary I think you’d be fine at any track in the UK with the 2bular track exhaust just not Bedford unless you’re willing to lift and avoid mic’s which I’d much rather not have to do but I know some people don’t mind doing it. In fact I hung around to watch the evening session that day and a guy had a Cup430 with the standard exhaust. He knew where and when to lift and I think he still enjoyed himself. Hopefully that info helps someone. I’ll be doing 4 more track days this year so will update my findings 👍
  11. Good point mate. I used to have 4 big blocks of timber that I’d put under the wheels of a Westfield I had years ago when working on it but when that one hit a tree the blocks of wood found their way into the workshop and they haven’t made it home again since. That being said I should bring them home because it’s a bit of extra piece of mind as you say 👍 As far as I’m aware they all just unbolt and slide on/off fairly easily. The biggest portion of the work is removing and replacing the diffuser
  12. I brought a used but never fitted Tubular quiet track exhaust that sailed through testing at Cadwell Park without the additional cans be required. Very straight forward to fit but quite time consuming so it'll be staying on for the foreseeable even though the factory exhaust sounds so good
  13. You normally get what you pay for and the quality was definitely there 🙂
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