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  1. wow good job! And agree red and silver!
  2. I just had my call after placing a deposit around 11pm on 7th July. Despite the wealth of info on here I asked the same questions and said I would go AMG route. I was told if I do want to configure a V6 I have until the 5th November to decide. I reckon I would be in the top 600 or so but clearly waiting for an AMG probably means Spring 2023 at the earliest. Currently drive an Alpine so looking forward to trying one as may decide to keep the Alpine.
  3. I thought base was £59,995? Cool need to get to know him then 😁👍
  4. Does Scott work directly for Lotus and therefore will be at other events?
  5. That’s worrying if it’s fallen back so quickly
  6. Don't think that red looks anywhere near as nice as the renders
  7. Are the I4 FE and base option prices not being published? Kind of depends what the options and differences in FE costs are.
  8. I can’t see that at the moment box looked greyed out but presume it will be live later. V6 auto box think was £1800.
  9. Price is £59,995 base V6 FE £75,995, black pack £1200
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