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  1. Place a deposit on the 27 July and have just had the email saying November build and December delivery. I may just switch to a launch edition and spec as I want, have a few months to make changes anyway so will sit on it for a bit.
  2. Nice write up 😀 When do you think that Ferrari red colour will be available?
  3. Mine doesn't have the first paragraph due to putting down a deposit late. Would be nice if they give us all delivery dates
  4. That does look a good setup. Would allow you to spec your car properly. I hope the red isn't this brown Fire red Come on Lotus, show us the cars for Christmas 🎅🏽
  5. You must be very high up on the list
  6. Ohhhhhhh nice find! Magma red looks sexual!
  7. Im feeling a little bit like this. Will wait for more info though, as good as the V6 will sound if the i4 is also 400HP it would just be the more sensible auto choice.
  8. Configurator deposit paid last night 👻 Gone for the auto
  9. What are people going with for interior with Magma Red? After some inspo.
  10. I also believe the queue is based on when you placed the first deposit, as long as you get the second (£3k) paid before the Nov 5.
  11. Sameeeee😁 Just had my call, same order date
  12. What are your thoughts on the auto? Im coming from a PDK so any info will be helpful. Im still waiting for my call though 😭😭😭 Also what was the sound like?
  13. Thank you guys. Sounds great, still waiting for my phone call though😭
  14. Anyone 410 owners that can comment on the exhaust sound? How does it sound compared to say a GTS 4.0?
  15. The GT4 is a top top car, so if the Emira is close this could be an amazing car.
  16. I also put my deposit down on the 27th. Hoping for a V6 FE Auto Fingers crossed we can get them
  17. Manchester United 😂
  18. Exciting stuff guys 😀 Im setting off soon, going with my parents. First time seeing the car in person I'll be in a United shirt, so say hello if you see me 👋
  19. Hey guys, anyone booked for Solihull today?
  20. Check out this video: Start up and display Sounds good and the display also looks good
  21. The renders are different here: Link The wheels pics look good.
  22. MaJiK

    Lotus Emira

    Some interesting stuff here: Linky
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