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  1. 8th July deposit and July delivery here as well. Changes can be made to spec until Friday this week with no delay to my order. Any changes after that may incur a one month delay,
  2. I was at Rybrook yesterday and despite reservations walking in, thought that Lotus hosted a nice event. It was great to speak with Dan and Gavan about colours and chassis options respectively. Given I’m coming from a Cayman GT4 Gavan suggested the sports suspension would be just fine for me. He said the sport suspension rides similar to a Cayman GTS with PASM in stiffest setting….that’s still softer than my GT4. The car looks great in the flesh. All I need to do now is think about colour choices because the green looks darker compared to the configurator. Dan also felt that green with black wheels might make the car too heavy-looking. Food for thought. It was brilliant being able to speak to people from Hethel. They knew their stuff as you’d expect and were happy to talk nerdy details (my wife’s words) at length with a fellow car nut. I saw some sharp suits milling around who I assumed to be Rybrook Sales….they made no attempt to say ‘Hi’.
  3. I’ll be there tonight.
  4. I paid my deposit on 8th July and was called yesterday, although that’s probably because I has no contact from Lotus until I contacted them to ask what’s happening. There are a handful of people who have paid deposits, but didn’t get setup correctly for their email and contact centre systems. If you’ve not heard from them (in any capacity) then you’re likely one of these people. I recommend emailing them.
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