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  1. Looks like Top Gear is back on the 5th but not clear what's in the first episode
  2. I was holding out for 88mph in the hope I'd get a glimpse into the future and be able to grab some photos of the FE colours that I could post on here
  3. Not sure if this helps, but here's a photo I took sat in the show car (had the i4 shifter) at hethel. No idea if the pedals were representative of the production and not used to driving an auto. The biggest thing I noticed was the seat position felt closer to the centre console than the door, putting my left leg closer to the console than ideal. I questioned the seating position and was told it would be further outboard for production. No idea if I believe that though given some of the other answers I got have turned out to be wrong.
  4. Agreed! I also think they look worse than the show car seats!
  5. So many simple solutions to the problem, yet lotus seem intent on concealing the information. Meanwhile, and this is the part I think is really disgraceful behaviour, they're happily willing to charge people money to see cars in all sorts of unfinished/non-production standards in the factory!
  6. The black wheels have been photoshopped on and the rest of the image tweaked to try and get the senaca car closer to reality.
  7. Is that senaca behind it or one the base colours?
  8. It's not the month delay that bothers me, it's just another vague email from Lotus that seems to move the goalposts slightly that's the issue; "In the coming weeks", "following that, a couple of weeks before handover", why not just say 4 weeks before delivery we'll give you xyz, and 2 weeks before delivery we'll call you and ask for a wodge of cash!?!?!?
  9. I got the same email yesterday. Lack Of Tangibles, Utter Shambles!
  10. If it was simply a lack of regular updates or the manner in which information was being communicated was poor, then I'd agree with you @Bibsand @Evotion, all would be forgotten after delivery. The issue I have is that I don't feel that enough information is being shared. I posted a list on here months ago of all the things I'd like to have before committing and said there'd be a point, somewhere between none of it and all of it, that I'd be happy to proceed. The problem is I still feel a lot closer to having none of it than I'm comfortable with considering that in ~6 weeks someone is likely to be calling asking for another £75k. @Bibs I agree with list of reasons you've listed for buying a car, but sadly they're also where I think a lot of the unknowns are and could be a daily reminder of a poor choice; the colour, the seat feel/position, the quality/look/feel of the cabin materials, the gear change, the chunky steering wheel, the noise, the way it drives....all things that no-one outside of lotus has experienced yet in production form.
  11. I got my call this morning and chose not to provide a response to the question. I said that due to the ongoing lack of comms and information I didn't know if I'd be going ahead with the purchase so didn't want to answer.
  12. It might be the device you're looking on. On Android phone I only see the price under the configurator, on iPhone, Android tablet and laptop I see price, monthly and interest rate. Clicking on the monthly or rate opens the finance window. Haven't found a way of getting to the finance info on Android phone.
  13. Am I imagining things or has the dark verdant video been updated? It looks a lot closer to the static renders than it did yesterday...I think!
  14. The side indicator is in the wing mirror, you can see it in the YouTube video below. You can see it in the new configurator too if you look from the lower viewing angle
  15. EmiraSi

    Lotus Emira

    1000% this!!! I couldn't care less about seeing a CGI Emira on a road in California, I just want to see photos of cars outside on an average grey, winter day.
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