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  1. I agree with most of your post, at least in principle, as I've never been in or driven a lotus so have no basis for comment. But I do think that the suspension choice will make a difference on resale. The base car will come with suspension and as there's no mention of a choice of touring or sports on the base spec list, we have to assume it will be one those two as standard (unless they're going to introduce a "bog standard" for the base car?) and the other will come at a price. While there are only FE's available then you might be able to say there's no difference in value (ignoring the UK populations obsession for all things "sporty" judging by the number of msports and s-lines driving around on rock hard suspension), but as soon as lotus attach a price to the non-standard option then, in my opinion, it will affect the desirability and/or price at resale. Similarly if the leather interior comes at a premium over the alcantara, or vice versa, that is also likely to have some affect on resale. Just my 2p's worth.
  2. Second deposit paid on Thursday. When I clicked the link in the email I had every intention of speccing:After half an hour of being swayed by the colours on the configurator I went for: The only thing I'm sure about is that this won't be my final spec 😂 Both V6 manual
  3. Good question and difficult to answer. Here's a list of things I'd like, and while I don't need all of these, not having any of them means I'm getting less and less sure where the line is! - Decent photos of painted cars in FE colours - Same for interior - Pricing for options - Confirmation of final seating position. Plenty has been said about the height and seat construction, but both times I've sat in the car I felt my left leg was pushed up against the transmission tunnel. Was told at Hethel the production seats would be slightly more outboard, but would like it confirmed. - Test drive - New dealer/service center locations On the finance deals, I was told at Hethel that they can't publish the finance deals until the CO2 figures have been confirmed as it might affect OTR price. They were working with legal to try and come up with wording for representative examples to avoid falling foul of mis-selling rules.
  4. I noticed the nimbus shell also said (pebble grey) and the magma red said (gamma red) but couldn't find any reference to them with a quick Google.
  5. Some photos of the green taken inside. 1x flash off, 5x flash on and 3x flash off by the window
  6. I got caught up in that too, not for as long as you though. Saw the air ambulance sat in the field but didn't know what had happened.
  7. Just over 4 hours for me today... watch out for speed camera vans on the road from the A11 to Hethel if you do go 🤦 or try not to think too much about paint colours as your leaving! The fish, chips and mushy peas were a nice surprise though!
  8. Agreed, even in person I think red was the one that differed the most in different light. Nimbus seemed the most consistent to me, but I wasn't looking at yellow or blue so can't comment on those.
  9. I asked about photos of cars in all colours today and was told it was happening. The same guy told me next "couple of months" and "next two weeks", so it sounds like it is happening but not sure when. He did say before the 3rd deposit/order confirmation though.
  10. Here's a couple more I took of the red inside with and without flash
  11. And a few when the sun went in
  12. Here are few shots I took outside in a brief moment of sun, apologies for the slight disarray but it was a bit windy! The green looks great when you get the right light at the right angle otherwise it is really dark
  13. They had this sheet of samples at Hethel with ice grey. No disc type sample of it though....
  14. Yeah I saw those photos. I held the disc against a dark racing green Evora (and posted a pic on here) outside at the B&C event and verdant was definitely darker than that. That's when I'm booked in...might see you there!
  15. TomE 27 April deposit "certainly first 150 UK deposits, probably first 100" EmiraSi 6th July 10pm online deposit. Was told first 100 in queue, which I thought was optimistic. Maybe first 100 online deposits? But equally could have been first 100 on the list that particular girl had to call?
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