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  1. I’m there tomorrow. Fingers crossed it’s a DV car
  2. Read most of the reviews and seen most of the vids. Hasn't damped my enthusiasm one bit for what i hope is a 20k a year daily. If the gearbox is crap I'll just order an i4 and wait to replace. One thing I've not read is anything about service intervals, service costs, warranty etc ? anyone seen owt?
  3. Yes that’s my understanding from that call
  4. Had the call. 8th July deposit, Car Built July for Aug delivery. If it's late August then I can drag it to Sept for the new plate. Might not be news to many of you but factory handover the most popular. I selected home delivery - confirmed covered transport. Finished cars are send to Oxford for PDI before being sent to Factory/Home/Dealer. Finance options/payment very vague - await further call. I'm in phase 2 of deliveries putting me in the first 500. Note to others select home delivery and it's likely to be the quickest way to get your car.
  5. That front panel gap includes a rubber seal, I've seen the yellow one close up.
  6. Just been told my July delivery has been delayed ..... to July As you’ll be aware from our previous communication, your new Emira specification is now fixed in our production schedule. Shortages across the automotive industry have led to some delays in production, but we are happy to inform you that your new Emira is now scheduled to be completed in July 2022. We appreciate this is later than originally predicted, so please accept our sincere apologies for the slight delay. As your Emira nears end of production we will be providing more information regarding financial services, trade-in and insurance products that you may be interested in, as well as arranging the delivery and handover with you. Following that, approximately two weeks prior to handover we will be in touch to complete the checkout process. We know you have been waiting and are excited to receive your new Emira, but please be assured that it will be everything you’d expect and more from a Lotus car.
  7. Just spotted on Linked in<iframe src%3D"https%3A//" height%3D"541" width%3D"504" frameborder%3D"0" allowfullscreen%3D"" title%3D"Embedded post"></iframe>
  8. Anyone noticed if the seat belts have any colours other in them other than black? I’ve gone for Alcantara with yellow stitching but can’t tell if there is any yellow in the seat belt . ( hoping not as gone red calipers with dark verdant!)
  9. Some conflicting info here. I've asked for clarification. (this from my email) Please be aware that you can still make changes to your configuration before 4th of February, however it will delay your delivery by a month. This is subject to change.
  10. Just had the call, 8th July deposit ( dealer, subsequently refunded and re-deposited with Lotus) July Delivery. Happy with that.
  11. Yes. It will have to be. Replacing my M5 with is my current 'stopgap' from my previous i8 that i'd been in for 3 years. And I do 20k miles a year. If it doesn't work as a daily i'm not sure what I'll do!
  12. First post here (after a few hours of lurking) so hello - thought I'd best bring myself up to speed on all things Emira, placed my deposit with JCT600 the day after the big reveal so hopefully nearer to the front on the queue than the back. I'll be going V6 manual which will risk the wrath of the wife who'd prefer the auto. Really hoping it will be a suitable as daily driver as I'm clocking up 20k miles a year! Took a look close up at Hampton Court recently and pleased with what i saw.
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