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  1. I received exactly the same email myself this morning. I was a bit surprised re the locked in part given the lack of certainty around certain things. They seem to make up the rules about when a configuration is locked in/or not. There should be a deadline date.
  2. I totally agree Tom. I've got the DC wheels spec'd and much prefer the version on the Senaca Blue show car. Likewise I've currently chosen Ice Grey leather, but am debating if alcantara would be a better. Hard to know with such little info. Even a half decent rendering would help - the configurator isn't much use.
  3. How much room? I'm undecided whether to change the interior material from leather to alcantara.
  4. Do you lock in your spec in January?
  5. Needs to be that as a minimum! Agreed the quality of the parts will hopefully be a massive improvement from previous. I was more referring to the assembly in terms of panel gaps, squeaks & rattles etc.
  6. I hope, with all the new staff being recruited, there won’t be any initial build quality issues. One of the possible downsides of getting an early car.
  7. I'd love to see pics of the interior with the different colour options. It's the one thing i'm struggling to decide on.
  8. I'm interested. I normally head over to the island at least once a year. Great place.
  9. Great to finally see a sample, even if only small. Still undecided though. Grey, tan or alcantara. Decisions decisions
  10. Has anyone seen a sample of the ice grey leather yet? What interior are people choosing who have opted for Senaca Blue?
  11. That wasn't my understanding. I was under the impression that as long as the second deposit (and config) was completed by 5th November your original place in the queue was preserved.
  12. Hope so. I fancy leather steering wheel with Yellow stitching.
  13. Although the steering wheel he says he's spec'ing isn't available for the manual V6. Surprised he's having the light grey interior with the yellow. Would have thought the alcantara with yellow stitching a better fit.
  14. Great pics and very useful. Perhaps someone can ask them what's happened to the ice grey option.
  15. Thanks. Not wow'd by any of the leather. Might have to opt for the alcantara instead. What was your thinking re material choice for the interior?
  16. Has anyone got any more pics of the leather samples?
  17. Was thinking all black is too dark and was looking for some contrast. The tan looks too brown so maybe (depending how light) the ice grey is an option. The durability of alcantara puts me off that.
  18. Is the top leather sample the black or ice grey? If the grey then I was expecting it to be much lighter.
  19. Not had my call yet. Deposit placed on 7th July. The deposit and configuration required by 5th November is frustrating as that is the day I view it in Manchester. Doesn’t leave much time!
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