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  1. Hi HXT That was my same thoughts exactly I wanted to keep it nice as I can’t see myself selling it. I don’t know where you are located but I used They are local to me in Stoke on Trent.They have a video on their YouTube channel of an orange 20th anniversary but it’s not mine. When I went they had some nice cars in Ferrari Pista’s and a Lexus LFA so I thought I must be in good company here.
  2. I did the same, I paid around £4k for full ppf and ceramic coating. Now my plan is to drive the wheels off it once the weather is better!
  3. Stunning car David. Thanks for sharing.
  4. I kind of regret not waiting and getting the Oakmere car I would of saved myself £10k! But I wasn’t to know it would come up for sale. It’s nice having a car new. Something I have never done and something I don’t think I will ever do again. It’s worth it not having to deal with Oakmere as well. I liked how the Mrs summed it up when I was thinking I was going over the top. “Have it we haven’t been on holiday!”
  5. Sorry the pics don’t work! I copied my thread from pistonheads. I aren’t very good on computers they work there!
  6. Hi everyone I have just received my new Exige. I thought i would do a thread on here as readers cars is one of my favourite sections. I had a Cayman GT4 last year nice car but it just wasnt for me. So i sold it and decided i would go for a second hand Exige 410. Things got out of hand again like in the previous GT4 topic haha. A nice couple came and looked at my GT4 on the Tuesday and arrived in a rather nice yellow Cayman They agreed to buy and left a deposit. I later moved the car in the garage and it threw up a warning light. I was gutted and a bit stressed as you can imagine. One phone call to Porsche Wolverhampton explaining i had sold the car but a warning light had come up on the dash. It was booked in for 8am the next day. It turned out to be a gearbox mount and it was all fixed under warranty and i got the car back Thursday. Absolutely brilliant service by Porsche. I explained the situation to the seller and it was all good. He said he would collect Friday. In the mean time i saw Silverstone Lotus had uploaded an Exige 410 but no pics, it sounded a good deal. I spoke to someone there and they emailed me some pics. Was a stunning blue colour. However not wanting to jump the gun before my car had sold i thought i would wait untill i had funds. GT4 was collected Friday all good. On the Monday i went to Oakmere Lotus it is my local Lotus dealer. I test drove an orange 350 as i was interested in the silver 410 they had in the showroom. However the colour wasnt right for me and the pressure sale being put on me after i had explained they were the first ones i had looked at and i wanted to go look at a blue one at Silverstone and an orange one at Birmingham really put me off the deal. (I had a bit of a sour experience with oakmere Friday, definitely confirmed i am glad to have not bought from them shame really as they would of got future business from me servicing etc and i still have the Caterham itch to scratch but i digress) When i got home i phoned Silverstone to ask if i could come and view the car tomorrow unfortunately it had sold. Will teach me mess about when buying cars.. Tuesday morning I spotted my car for sale at JCT600 Bradford. I forgot all about the 20th Anniversary but i like the seats how they are colour coded and i have always wanted an orange Lotus. As ever things got out of hand i thought i would sell the GT4 and save some money and get a cheaper car. Well i ended up buying a brand new one..... something i never thought i would do! I had to wait a few weeks for delivery. I decided to have it fully PPF'd and ceramic coated by Signiture group. This is a local firm to me and a few friends have been and highly recommend. Thus an even longer wait but i thought it would be worth it in the future to keep it nice. Signiture sent me the below photographs. I really cant fault them brilliant service nothing is to much trouble a great group of lads. Slight hicup but i received the car Friday. I have covered 300 miles init this weekend and absolutely loved it so glad to be back in a lotus. I couldnt sleep Friday night so i went out for a 5am blast. Something i never did in the GT4 but many times in previous cars so that says it all imo. I have only been taking it steady as i need to run the engine in and Lotus recommend not going over 4k for the first 600 miles. Ideally i would like to get it ran in this year so i can fully enjoy it next year but we will see what happens and what the weather is like! The plan is to never sell this car and i am very happy with it.
  7. My old Elise was battered in stone chips on the front. This is why I have gone full ppf on my Exige (hopefully pick it up this week) The owners I have spoken to with ppf haven’t regretted it. Like anything though. Pay your money take your chance I suppose
  8. Hi Martin thanks! The blue one is my mates mate but I don’t know him. i should take it out on track bit nervous about the value though I will need to get it insured!
  9. Hi everyone I am new here my first post. Martin I am from Stoke and my new orange anniversary is being delivered to Signiture tomorrow for a full ppf and ceramic coating. I thought these cars would be rare!... haha. Might see you knocking about? I actually forgot about the anniversary edition existed but I came across the signature video on YouTube and loved the seats. I went to look at a silver 410 at oakmere. But I couldn’t take to it. A blue 410 sold at silverstone that looked a nice car. I was going to look at an orange 410 in Birmingham but then I saw my car brand new bit of man maths and I can’t believe what I have done! The seats sold it. I like the red but I always end up with red cars so this is a change for me. Always wanted an orange Exige as well. I would like to get the 1000 mile running in service done this year so I can enjoy it next year. Looking forward to being back in a Lotus.
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