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  1. I've two sons that are into the JDM car scene, the rx7 belongs to my eldest.
  2. Hello Dave, I've just bought WX59CHL from the Pistonheads ad above.. Just for the accuracy of the register, the external colour is storm titanium and the interior is chestnut. (chestnut not that popular then 😄) Cheers, Mike.
  3. Hi Folks, Long time Evora admirer here. After 18 months in and out of lockdown with a Jag sat on my drive that I really liked but didn't say 'Drive Me!' every time I looked at it, I decided it was time to mix things up a bit. So the Jag went and I started looking for something a bit more exciting that would stir the senses a bit... I had a drive of a friends Evora and it's fair to say I was hooked... He is a self confessed Lotus nut (well known to this forum) and he helped me look for an early Launch Edition and answered any queries I had about what the strengths and weaknesses were. (his list of possible/known issues was brutally honest and I actually suggested he should start writing horror stories) I found a car I was interested in, it has a comprehensive service history with Craig Moncrief and after numerous conversations with the owner and Craig I took a trip up to Edinburgh and ended up driving it home to Warwickshire. In all honesty in the build up I had a few sleepless nights wondering if I was doing the right thing as I was naturally bothered about buying a car that I would end up throwing money at. (having run new Jags that were under warranty for the last 8 years) I got it home, (great drive back bar the boring bits of the M6) and have given it a good clean, machine polished bits that were bugging me and have compiled a list of stuff I want to get sorted. (all cosmetic really) Anyway, this is the result... (you may recognise it from the launch edition register thread) Here's to many, fun filled miles.... Cheers, Mike.
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