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  1. The only reason I was concerned about the registration docs was if the inclusion of SPORT might have upped my insurance costs, haha. Loving your array of vehicle descriptions on registration docs. Does that mean they are taxed as said vehicle???? The US spec cars look very different to the GT410 due to bumper spec etc, so the UK Phil Popham spec must be fairly low numbers given they only launched it Jan '20 and stopped production ahead of Elise and Exige.
  2. Glad I'm not the only one that struggles with the model names. I've got a GT410, with no mention of sport on the decals. I believe probably more often referred to as Phil Popham spec...but it says GT410 Sport on the registration docs, so I'm none the wiser. Curious to know how many of these "Soft Sports" were produced.
  3. An update on my problem. Very nice call from dealer this morning apologising for my inconvenience, accepting that leak is not fully resolved if still wet therefore, offering to get the car picked up and passenger door fixed. Feeling far more comfortable about long term Evora ownership now.
  4. Wow, atrocious service. Can see why you'd stay clear of Kawasaki for the rest of your life. Like to think these types of horror stories are past us all now that quality controls have improved so much in recent decades but no doubt someone will trump that with a recent experience. The Evora is indeed very refined. Loving it.
  5. Good point, yes they move up the last few mm on their own when closing. Pouring with rain right now so will be a good test and I will check as you suggest.
  6. Thanks, appreciate all the feedback. I fully agree that it can be difficult to get to the bottom of some car issues. Certainly had a few weird ones in the past that took a lot of investigation, and a water leak can be the worst to fix, however I need to know that the service department are actively working to do their best. I notice that there is a slight gap (with door closed window fully up) between window and door seal towards the rear of the passenger door. Is this a likely culprit and possibly difficult to resolve? Anyone with door seal leak experience?
  7. Thanks for responses. I'm up north so B&C too far to travel unfortunately. Yes, perhaps my expectations are too high but one would think that any serious service department, established or new, acting on a brand like Lotus might have the enthusiasm to seek out effective fixes first time round, rather than rely on customer diagnosis. I'm not a newbie to Lotus and had two Elises purchased from main dealer. Just hoped things might have moved to a more professional level in the intervening years. Anyway, I'll not name the dealer and give them some space to see how to resolve without mud slinging. And I'll away and enjoy driving without getting hung up on negativity. Cheers
  8. Many thanks for highlighting this. I had read it but assumed probably not relevant as it was on a 2009 car so design would have been revised, or that the service/dealer would have know to look for this. The service manager was very confident it was the window seals.....but I've just checked and my drain holes in the scuttle were fairly blocked with leaves and a large bird feather. Would have thought they might have considered this possibility? I'll lay down power towels and see if I can determine water route in. Strange feeling having to do this on my new car. Sold my 40year old TR7 to buy the Evora because it was a bit tiresome keeping the water out.
  9. Yes, it will be fixed, but perhaps only because of my own investigations and doggedness. Awaiting a follow-up call from service department and will obviously remain calm and polite. Will be very disappointed if I have to seek an alternative dealer miles away. That surely last resort and sign of extremely poor customer service. Fingers crossed. Nothing remotely close so would be a real pain if I felt necessary to move.
  10. Looking for your thoughts on my issue. Bought my GT410 new in May last year. All great until I notice it is steaming up continuously once parked. Check under carpets and both footwells soaking. Returned to dealer. When I pick up after being told it is dried, tested and fixed I find the passenger side soaking. So has it been dried, examined but unfortunately not fully fixed and then leaked whilst on the forecourt or is it a sign of a half arsed job. I had to return home and pull up the passenger carpets to dry myself and strangely there was a lot of dust etc around this carpet which I would have assumed would have been shaken away if the carpet had been removed before. The driver's side was dry and the carpet had far less dust, indicating to me it had been removed at some point. Any advice on window seals and what my reasonable expectations might be for dealership response on what was for me an expensive new car.
  11. Yes, this is what struck me when viewing it. I had a chat about the width with Lotus guy who showed me a width comparison chart against range of other cars. Bit confusing using mirrors folded as measure. I would prefer to use wheel outer edge to outer edge or something else that is fixed. They showed comparisons to an odd range of cars inc. Mustang and 340Z. From memory the AlpineA110 was only one narrower but frustratingly they did not compare to Evora and simply said about 2inches wider.
  12. I'm certainly being a little "over enthusiastic" calling it a supercar, I get that, but for me it's moving towards that point where it becomes less practical sportscar and more impractical supercar. For me it's not about the bhp, 410 is plenty, but all about the feel across a variety of roads and conditions. I don't want a super car that is only super on very few occasions. Twenty years ago I was looking to move on from my Elise S160 to something more refined but which still felt fabulous across a range of conditions. I test drove an Esprit but felt it was too wide, too extreme??? and then went left field with a Clio V6. I feel the Emira has moved 2 inches in the wrong direction for me.. but that's fine because I have an Evora which feels just right for me. I should probably hold off on any more pontificating until we get a chance to drive the new car!
  13. Viewed yesterday in Hamilton. Looks fab. Definitely felt more like a new Esprit rather than a replacement for the Evora. Substantially more supercar- wider, angular, and certainly echo's of Ferrari, Maclaren, even 911 at the back? I personally now see the Evora looking far more sportscar like, and closer in scale and aim to Elise/Exige. Nice though the Emira is, I'm going to stick with my Evora 'sportscar' for now but sure there will be plenty orders from those looking for junior supercar looks.
  14. Like everything recently, they have been rising in value after a long time of minimal market interest. Got close to 10% of the Evora cost so I guess not bad depreciation over 40 years!!
  15. Ha Ha, yes those door handles found use in a multitude of various cars. Think the Esprit might have been the best. The TR was a fine old car of its time, but it wasn't so hard to swap for the Evora.
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