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  1. The more I see the shadow grey the more I am warming to it - but it is difficult from just the variety of different picture light settings 🤔
  2. I’m still struggling on this also… I am new to Lotus and torn between comments regarding Gavan’s view and ultimately buying a sports car in a non-complete sport set up. Fwiw I drove a 410 this weekend that has been described by some as expected to be similar to an Emira sport set up and didn’t find it too firm!?! (I think) for my generally A and B roads. Not quite sure where I am going with this but any useful advice appreciated
  3. That doesn’t sound too loud for the majority of tracks to me, but hard to tell from videos. Out of interest, does anyone know what db the previous v6 hits at the trackday rpm check?
  4. Mmmm is that exhaust loud… I can’t make up my mind especially in that environment?! ps I want it loud LOUD 😈
  5. Just had my call… also placed 9th July 👍
  6. The interior choice is not for me, but he may have a point regarding the wheels with yellow?!
  7. On another note and for those that haven’t seen the car yet. This wheel is matt
  8. @Evotion I hope so as well… a FE to me should not be re-spec’able nor should it have 20 colours.
  9. Can’t disagree re:nimbus… it is a shame that lotus couldn’t get mini models for the swatches as I am sure they would help considering the cars lines. 1 question I forgot to ask but someone may know the answer to; are these 6 colours exclusive to FE only?
  10. My conclusion fwiw: Verdant: wrong shade Magma: can’t do it, Tifosi Hethal: mmm will you regret it when the next edition arrives and a metallic version is available. Blue: expect to be common oco mid life crisis Shadow: dull Nimbus: feminine As expected… I am unfortunately not colour blind enough!
  11. This might need a separate thread and some… to try and get Lotus’s attention on this! But 1 initial question post B&C visit today… why is the yellow non-metallic?
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