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  1. Hello all, Danny see you are planning on going on the LDC fish and chip run to Weymouth, so that should be two 430's Is any one else going? I will be coming down the A1 from Beds if any one want to join up, possibly South Mimms? Look forward to seeing some of the 430's this year. Visiting Newby Hall this coming Weekend, any one else likely to be there Bibbs, Thanks cover fits a treat, paul
  2. Looks like a get together of the "last of the line Lotus" That would be a great line up! for a future event.
  3. Steve, it would be great to get as many as possible together, may be we could arrange something for next year as it seems we are in a similar part of the UK. It seems as if there are 20 in the UK, how many are contactable not sure, but it would good to keep this thread alive and see what happens over the next couple of months. Se where the majority are based! Keep Safe
  4. The Silverstone GT430, Quick Update for all interested tlf members. One very happy owner, after quite some deliberation traded my Orange 350 sport for it, ended up with a deal that I thought was pretty good!!!! They sold the 350 pretty quickly as well. So far have covered just enough miles to get to start to get to know it, very impressive, but also very different to the Exige, wish I could have kept both. Well the trusty Elan Sprint has company once more, couln't live with just one Lotus for long. Hope to get out more next year and meet up with other 430 owners. Best wishes to all, Keep safe
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