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  1. I thought the Sport only came with the basic carbon buckets.... 🪣 🪣?
  2. OK which bugger bought it before I could get over and drive it 😅 😏
  3. Yes good solution, but a no go for me unfortunately as driveway is heavily sloped
  4. Thoughts on Outdoor covers... So many mixed reviews!
  5. OK keep it down, hoping to take a look this week lol. Black isn't my first choice though... And need to decide if I want the rawer experience of this car or spend the extra and keep the Emira that is due 'imminently' Cheers for input all
  6. I did note that it bore a very close resemblance to the press car I have been watching in vids and reading about lol. I agree though, shoukd have had additional love sprinkled on it over its lifetime
  7. Thoughts on the 410 Sport currently for sale at Silverstone?
  8. I bet your fun at parties 🥳
  9. I was going to say 430 and 450 nm, but does it really make any difference? It's been well documented that the manual gearbox is the weak link. And it's the torque on the EA60 that's the deal/box breaker
  10. 430 is about the max the current manual gearbox will take in the V6 They haven't developed it any further to take more power/torque
  11. Without dismissing everything that has been said above (all valid), this is where I am at after a year... Is it "forthedrivers" Or for "ALLthedrivers" I think if I am being honest with myself this is no longer the car for me, even though I am (allegedly) one month from collection 😞
  12. Yes pretty sure this is where we are at now.
  13. I'm struggling to get past this new lowered rev limit. 6600.... 6600??? 6800 in Sport and Track... Anything under 7000rpm isn't a sports car in my mind. Looks like it has been tuned for torque and a more GT type drive I imagine rpm can be unlocked but will require a full remap by a tuner (we dont know yet if the Emira ecu will be as accesible as the outgoing Evora i guess). Not sure I'm keen to be modding from 'day 1' anyway, just to make the car right for me. Thoughts?
  14. I find this strange as in the last 2 months they have just made redundant/moved people to other departments that were doing this very trim work for many years....
  15. So you think you could do the same but on a GT4 or equivalent?
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