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  1. After being frustrated with the lack of accuracy and/or realism with the official configurator, I decided to buy a 3D model of the Emira and come up with my own. These are my 4 best guesses for Magma Red, Hethel Yellow, Dark Verdant and Nimbus Grey. Nimbus is the one I've been having the most trouble with believe it or not, even though Dark Verdant was a royal pain to get more or less close to the samples we've seen. I'm still working with Nimbus but this is where it's at for the moment. This is in a simulated outdoor setting with natural sunlight. All 4 of these are the same other than paint color, i.e. Black Pack, tan leather seats, silver forged wheels, yellow calipers. I'll do some more with different caliper colors, black wheels, diamond cut, and different angles, etc. but this is to start. I'll also do some in a studio light setting, as well as maybe inside a parking garage or something like that. The idea here is to give people a more realistic idea of how the other FE colors we haven't seen on a car might actually look on the car. I'm not claiming these are absolutely accurate, but I think they're not too far off. (I should mention that the model was created by 3D SQUIR and I did all the textures, colors, etc.)
  2. I would imagine they're somewhat shell-shocked at the moment, because they didn't just get a burst of interest at Goodwood and that was it, it's a steady stream, and they're probably starting to realize this is only the beginning. Once review cars get out for review and the general public sees these, that stream could turn into something much greater. They wanted to be in the mainstream, and they got their wish. The thing is, the mainstream moves a lot faster and is a lot stronger than the side pools and water at the edge of the river, which is where they've always been. It would be difficult enough if everything else was normal, but with the supply chain issue, the tech shortage issue, the after-effects of a world pandemic, and now inflation rearing its ugly head, they've got their work cut out for them. I have confidence they're going to make the adjustments necessary and be able to handle it, but the next 6 months or so are going to be a definite challenge.
  3. There's always the standard disclaimer that goes along with any pre-production model or information "Pre-production model. Features and specifications subject to change without notice." Maybe the reason why they aren't being 'transparent' is because they don't know final numbers yet. They're not going to know until everything successfully passes homologation. They're also undoubtedly talking to all their suppliers to find out how many more of everything they can get and when, since I'm sure they never dreamed they'd get the response (in the form of deposits) for the Emira that they have. This caught them by surprise; Scott Walker said as much. They're probably working feverishly to find out just how many they can make, and when, and work out what it's going to take to produce at least 3 times as many cars than they were used to producing. Some people seem to think Lotus is being under-handed or simply incompetent. I think it's just exactly as Scott Walker said; they're overwhelmed at the moment, and are scrambling to get everything under control and in order. Give them a chance to get it together here. They'll let us know as soon as they have it sorted out. Right now what I'd like to see the most, is full body shells painted in the other 4 FE colors. Hopefully we can get that before the end of the year.
  4. That was something I came up with and posted on LotusTalk when I was messing around with color changes. Somebody else had done the gold wheels, and I did the body color. I think the Emira would look stunning in this color. If quality paint jobs weren't so expensive, I'd get Nimbus Grey and have mine painted like this. I'm getting the silver forged wheels, so I may get the wheels done. The above wheel color was actually a bronze gold. Here is the original, plus one in red. I think the wheel color works quite well on either of these colors.
  5. It matters on the track, but on the street? Not really. All the other things you mentioned are the same reasons why I'm buying an Emira.
  6. I believe it was @Evotion who was talking to Matt who quite emphatically said the V6 in the Emira is the 416hp version. At this point they're not going to be able to tell us exactly what the rated horsepower is going to be until it's finally certified as such. I'm guessing that's why there's conflicting information and they're being so vague about it. They may be aiming for an even higher number but don't want to say anything yet in case they can't get it to pass homologation. If they're trying for 430 just as an example, and can't get it to pass, they may need to start detuning it slightly until it does pass. So you can imagine if they had told everyone they were aiming at 430, but it winds up being 425 that passes homologation instead (for example), what kind of a huge stink there would be from people expecting it to be 430. This way, since they've only ever officially published 400, if they manage to get 425 to pass (for example), then it's a big positive win instead of a big issue. I'm expecting the V6 to be at least 416, but I won't be surprised if it turns out to be more.
  7. Something else that's a possibility, since Chinese customers aren't getting a choice of engine or trans, they may be doing this to help smooth that over somewhat. Geely may have requested this just for that reason. We also don't know if the 360 hp that Lotus marketing keeps publishing, is what the actual hp will be once the cars get through homologation. I'm guessing they're advertising low rather than high, but they're aiming higher. It's better to under-promise and over-deliver than the other way around. It could be that even Lotus doesn't know until it passes certification what they're actually going to have, so they're playing it safe for the time being.
  8. Well considering Geely has invested a massive amount into Lotus, I don't seeing it being "naughty" to accommodate their major investor by giving them a version that works for their market. If this is true, then this would only be available in China so I wouldn't cancel my order expecting that a market specific model would be available elsewhere. Even if you could get one from China, good luck with getting it out of the country and past customs; especially if it's NOT certified to meet the emissions standards where you are. There's another possibility here. If the FE launch edition of the i4 has more power than a base model, it's possible that Lotus could be doing the same thing with the V6 FE; they just haven't said anything about it yet. It would be a pleasant surprise to have them announce that the V6 FE has passed homologation and is rated at 430 hp, or close to it. That would be a nice little extra bonus for buying an FE. That's just pure speculation though, so don't go quoting or announcing it as though it's real. It's just a guess, IF the China report about the i4 FE is accurate.
  9. Does China have the same emissions regulations that everybody else does? If they don't, Lotus may be able to go with a different tune for their market.
  10. Well everyone has their own tastes of course, but for music I would go with something like Experience by Ludovico Einaudi. It's a beautiful, modern instrumental piece that has a continuous flow with simple to grand moments that I think would be perfect for a video in scenery such as you have there.
  11. You have such beautiful, picturesque countryside and roads there. The choice of music for the first part with the Esprit was really enjoyable to watch and listen to. By the time it morphed to the Evora, the music felt jarring and out of character. So much of today's popular music seems so vulgar and crass by comparison. Though it is a modern design, to my eye the Emira hearkens back to the beautiful, sleek forms of the British cars of yesteryear; especially the Jaguars of the 50's and early 60's, and of course Chapman's clean, elegant designs. The Emira is going to fit right in with those beautiful B roads.
  12. Chapman's chassis philosophy was soft springing with good damping. He won several F1 world championships with that, and quickly established Lotus road cars as paragons of handling suppleness. I tend to go with Gavan's assessment of Touring for street, and Sport for track. I also think the names chosen were more for the general public than a genuine description of each chassis setup's capability. I'm guessing it's more like Touring is Sport, and Sport is track. It IS a sports car, and as Lotus themselves have said, the most accomplished Lotus they've ever built. At no point is it not going to be track capable. They wanted to reach out to a much larger base than the Lotus hardcore, so if the marketing names were Sport and Track, I can easily see how that would immediately move the public perception to it being a track car you can drive on the street, versus a road car you can drive on the track. People looking for a road sports car would not consider it then, as they would assume it to be stiffly sprung and the ride to be track oriented. I think they made the right naming choice for marketing and sales purposes. The public's reaction with pre-orders is testimony enough to that. The car is going to cost at least $100k in the U.S. just with sales tax, registration and such, so for that price I want what I want to experience, not what I think someone else will think. The Touring setup sounds perfectly good for the street. It was developed as a result of extensive road testing with the mule cars. Gavan has driven both, so if he says Touring is the best for street, I have no reason not to believe him. Since I'm not going to take my car to the track, and I'm not going to be pushing it on the street to track speeds and performance levels, the Touring suspension is the choice for me. As a side question, what is a B road?
  13. If you guys haven't seen it, here's a link to a 3rd complete car in China, with a lot of really good photos of the interior. It's a left-hand drive 2.0. In addition, here's a terrific interactive 3D viewable of the interior. It also has this very interesting image that basically says (translated) " Summary: Chinese market model will come with AMG sourced 2.0T engine, with 360HP and 430NM torque. Combined with 8 speed DCT transmission, 0-100km/h acceleration times will be 4.5s. Initial released First Edition will output a higher 400HP and 480NM torque. Acceleration will be reduced to 4.3s." There's more to the translation, but the first part was the really interesting part.
  14. It should work just fine. With heated seats, and I believe heated side mirrors, there shouldn't be any issues with driving all year round. Does anybody know if it also has a heated steering wheel? I have that on my Alfa Romeo and it's very nice in the winter. If winter weather is bad, it might be worthwhile to invest in a set of winter wheels. I have a set for my Alfa with Blizzak winter tires that I switch to if we get a lot of snow. I don't know how good the Goodyears that are coming with the Touring setup for the Emira are, but there's nothing like dedicated winter tires in snow and ice.
  15. If anybody who has access to these gets a chance, move the green to a good light source; outside if possible to take a picture. Maybe even a flash to illuminate the green. The red is brighter than I thought, and the Nimbus is more milky than I thought. In all the cars I've bought over the years, I don't think I've ever had so much difficulty choosing a color. I really wish we'd get a full body shell, or at least a body panel in the 6 FE paints, and then take them outside so we can see what they look like in daylight. Also, is the new merchandise available online? Any pictures of it?
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