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  1. Well as of today, my journey as the alternate configurator has come to an end. This new configurator is excellent. It looks like this was done by a gaming company, (which I had suggested) but they've done a great job of it. The colors look correct, the lighting and shadowing is well done, though for some reason the lower half of the car still seems a little dark on my screen, but MUCH better than the old configurator. I've noticed there's details on this model that weren't on the one I downloaded. There's a gray/black air dam under the front that wraps around the width of the front that my model doesn't have. The long vertical element on the outside edges of the headlights is amber, so I'm guessing that's the 'running light' or parking light? I don't recall the blue or gray show cars having that; they were clear. So I'm guessing the amber rail in the headlights, and the way the tail lights wrap around the back of the car are good enough to pass the requirements for side marker lights? I was wondering if or how they were going to add those on the side. If this is the case, I really like this idea of not mucking up the side of the car with side marker/reflector lights. The all-silver wheels are shinier than I was anticipating, but they look good. I like the yellow on the yellow calipers; richer looking than I had guessed at. The Magma is a really nice red; doesn't look like a Ferrari at all, which I like. In fact, it reminds me more of one of the beautiful old Alfa Romeos. I know some would think looking like a Ferrari to be a positive, but I want the Emira to have its own identity as a Lotus, not as a wannabe Ferrari; the Emira is that good. Dark Verdant looks good. Outside there's enough green in it to look like a dark forest green, not just a black car. It's very rich looking. They did a nice job of showing the way the colors change in outside light versus inside daylight. The top of the engine compartment is just begging for some detailing. Unless I'm mistaken, when you look at the top-ish view on the dashboard, it looks like that's the open-air subwoofer in the center near the windshield. If that's what that is, that's a great idea and guarantees wide and equal distribution of the sound in the cabin. All-in-all, this is nicely done and SO much better than what they had before!
  2. From what I understand, they received more deposits in 5 days at Goodwood, than they normally get for an entire year, so it's perfectly understandable that they had no idea they would get the response they have, and thus were caught unprepared for that kind of response. It's to their credit though, that they haven't buckled, but instead buckled down and got busy making this dream come true, and by all accounts they're doing it. It may not be as transparent as we on the outside would like, but we on the outside have no real idea of what they've been going through, and have to go through on the inside to make all this happen. Lotus was a remarkable and legendary company in the 60's and 70's, establishing themselves as THE team to beat in Formula One with some of the best (and now legendary) drivers around. I'm starting to think this new Lotus is going to become the rebirth of that legend, with the same élan and esprit-de-corp that made the original Lotus what it was. There were reasons why Chapman chose Elite, Elan, and Esprit for car names; that was the attitude and image he wanted to create, and managed to achieve in racing. But that was then. At this new Lotus, there seems to be a common impression from people who've been there, and seen it in action, that the place seems 'happy'. That's the sign of extremely good management, who care about their people and what they're producing. That kind of élan, of esprit-de-corp is also the result of when you're doing something for more than just money. The team at this new Lotus is making something great, and they know it. From these latest reports and impressions, it's now becoming apparent that our patience and understanding is going to be not only rewarded, but greatly rewarded with the best Lotus that has ever been produced. What a privilege it is to be alive and able to be a part of something like this, which, when looking back, will be chronicled as something historic and epic. I have no doubts whatsoever, that Colin Chapman would be incredibly proud of what's going on at this new Lotus.
  3. Eagle7

    Lotus Emira

    Reading a report on another forum of members who were invited to a special day at Hethel to see everything and how things are moving along. The report is extremely good, and there is specific mention of how the seats are MUCH MUCH better (his words and emphasis) than the one's that people have seen in the blue and gray cars. The comments about how much effort is being put into the quality of everything in the interior are great to read. The first press review car is done and ready, and will be shown on Top Gear. There's a countdown clock everywhere in the factory of 45 days until actual production of customer cars begins. There are cars in all 6 of the FE colors. Monday the 24th there will be a big update on the Lotus website, including a completely new configurator that will allow you to choose studio or outdoor lighting, and even see your config on a car going up the Big Sur highway in California. Colors on the new configurator are supposed to be far more accurate. He and the others that were invited, got to meet and speak with Matt Windle at a luncheon, and they also met other members of executive management, including Scott Walker. One of the guys who attended said this as a result of all he saw "If any one out there is on the fence..... get your money down now...... or you are going to be at the end of a long list"
  4. Great article, thanks for posting this! I noticed the redline is 7,000 rpm according to the article. Is that new? I thought they had previously indicated it was 6,500 rpm? It all looks like things are moving right along. Good to see!
  5. Reskinned means new body and interior, while everything underneath is exactly the same as the previous car; same parts, same part numbers, they're all interchangeable, etc. Typically a reskin also includes some tweaks to power and a bit more horsepower. New means new chassis (even if it's based on the same construction style/techniques as the previous car), new suspension components, etc. The majority of the parts have to be newly designed (even if it's a redesign of a previous part) and never made before; not interchangeable with the previous model. Gavan said they redesigned and made pretty much new everything for the Emira, including the body and interior. Is it a completely new car like nothing they've ever made before? No, that would be the Evija. The Emira is the last ICE car they'll ever build, and they drew upon decades of experience to make it the best ICE sports car they've ever made. It's an evolution of all they've learned with all their previous models, and includes style cues from the Evija, so it's a transition car, from the ICE era to the upcoming electric era. The fact that the Emira is a new car is not a slight to the Evora; they just took what's great and made it even better.
  6. My apologies on getting the car wrong that he's buying!
  7. This was a very interesting and entertaining video to watch. When you look at the Exige head-on, the Emira looks much more like a modern Exige than it does an Evora. From the front, the Emira and Evora aren't similar at all, while the Exige is clearly of the same family. I think it's telling that Matt himself is buying an Exige with his own money. He also spent a year driving an Emira around under an Evora skin while they were developing it, so it's obvious he's not just another corporate suit in charge of the company. He's a genuine enthusiast, and it's the Exige that he really likes. It was his decisions and authority that gave Gavan, Russell and the crew the freedom to create the Emira. The Emira is not a re-skinned Evora; it may very well be an updated Exige which Chris absolutely loved. I can't wait to see his review, and have one in my garage so I can drive the thing myself!
  8. Considering how the airflow is designed for the air to move into the rear side intakes, it will be interesting to see (and hear) how the car sounds with the windows down. You may be able to hear intake noise from the back, which would enhance driving the car in a brisk manner. 😃
  9. I put my deposit down on July 11 for a V6 Manual FE
  10. Well of course it would be expected. A development cycle is always a loss until the product is produced and begins to sell. Next year should produce a much better outcome.
  11. I like his calm and genuine manner, and I'm eagerly looking forward to what we'll begin to see in the next few months. I also wish everyone at Lotus and in the Lotus community, a very Merry Christmas, and a fantastic New Year!
  12. I think it is, plus the fact that the Hethel Yellow sample is right next to it so there's some reflective color bounce.
  13. These look more red to me than the picture of the car in Fire Red, yet Magma is supposed to be Fire Red. At this point I'm not sure what to do with this color. I can't get it to look like the car in Fire Red because that doesn't behave like a metallic, it behaves like a gloss enamel. If I do the color like the planforms you posted, people who've seen Fire Red say it doesn't look right.
  14. Yeah I originally was going to go with Dark Verdant and black wheels, but now I'm going with silver wheels.
  15. This is good for a reference. It's amazing how subdued it is under overcast light. Doesn't even look like a metallic, more like a glossy enamel. Not as much red; more towards a brownish color. Do you have any of it in direct sunlight?
  16. Magma has a wild range of colors and shades from what I've seen in photos of the samples, so it's been a challenge to come up with something that looks and feels right. That's the color I'm not entirely satisfied with yet, but I'll keep tweaking it until I get it right. Apparently I've reach the limit of the size of files I can post, so I can only post that one image above.
  17. Been working on details and various things to improve the overall accuracy. I've also spent some time fine-tuning Nimbus to what I believe is closer to what it will look like. These are all without upper black pack so everyone can see them that way.
  18. Got it. Figured out how to do no black pack. Any other choices for the Nimbus? Wheels, calipers, seats?
  19. Thank you! Yeah, that's what I'm going to work on next, figuring out how to do the no black pack option.
  20. Verdant Rev 1 Outdoor Verdant Rev 1 Studio OKAY, having now gotten that done, I can do requests for color combos. I saw a red with black seats request for example. I can do the wheels in all silver, diamond cut, and gloss black. I can do all 4 caliper colors; silver, yellow, red and black. I have black, red and tan for the seats. I can probably come up with ice, but that's going to be harder because of the lack of photos of actual samples, but I can approximate it.
  21. Thank you all for comments and feedback! Okay, after struggling to resolve an issue with rendering, I discovered that an important rendering setting was OFF, which should be on. I'm guessing since the model I bought was created in 3D Max and converted to Cinema 4D which is what I use, that setting somehow never came across. SO, now that I've turned that back on, the results are far more like they should be. Basically ignore every image I've posted already; these are more realistic. Magma is not an easy color to simulate due to the many changes in it's coloring depending on the light source and reflective surroundings (which is true for all the colors actually), but here's the latest. Magma Revision 1 outdoors Magma Rev 1 Studio Hethel Rev 1 Outdoors Hethel Rev 1 Studio Nimbus Rev 1 Outdoor Nimbus Rev 1 Studio
  22. After being frustrated with the lack of accuracy and/or realism with the official configurator, I decided to buy a 3D model of the Emira and come up with my own. These are my 4 best guesses for Magma Red, Hethel Yellow, Dark Verdant and Nimbus Grey. Nimbus is the one I've been having the most trouble with believe it or not, even though Dark Verdant was a royal pain to get more or less close to the samples we've seen. I'm still working with Nimbus but this is where it's at for the moment. This is in a simulated outdoor setting with natural sunlight. All 4 of these are the same other than paint color, i.e. Black Pack, tan leather seats, silver forged wheels, yellow calipers. I'll do some more with different caliper colors, black wheels, diamond cut, and different angles, etc. but this is to start. I'll also do some in a studio light setting, as well as maybe inside a parking garage or something like that. The idea here is to give people a more realistic idea of how the other FE colors we haven't seen on a car might actually look on the car. I'm not claiming these are absolutely accurate, but I think they're not too far off. (I should mention that the model was created by 3D SQUIR and I did all the textures, colors, etc.)
  23. I would imagine they're somewhat shell-shocked at the moment, because they didn't just get a burst of interest at Goodwood and that was it, it's a steady stream, and they're probably starting to realize this is only the beginning. Once review cars get out for review and the general public sees these, that stream could turn into something much greater. They wanted to be in the mainstream, and they got their wish. The thing is, the mainstream moves a lot faster and is a lot stronger than the side pools and water at the edge of the river, which is where they've always been. It would be difficult enough if everything else was normal, but with the supply chain issue, the tech shortage issue, the after-effects of a world pandemic, and now inflation rearing its ugly head, they've got their work cut out for them. I have confidence they're going to make the adjustments necessary and be able to handle it, but the next 6 months or so are going to be a definite challenge.
  24. There's always the standard disclaimer that goes along with any pre-production model or information "Pre-production model. Features and specifications subject to change without notice." Maybe the reason why they aren't being 'transparent' is because they don't know final numbers yet. They're not going to know until everything successfully passes homologation. They're also undoubtedly talking to all their suppliers to find out how many more of everything they can get and when, since I'm sure they never dreamed they'd get the response (in the form of deposits) for the Emira that they have. This caught them by surprise; Scott Walker said as much. They're probably working feverishly to find out just how many they can make, and when, and work out what it's going to take to produce at least 3 times as many cars than they were used to producing. Some people seem to think Lotus is being under-handed or simply incompetent. I think it's just exactly as Scott Walker said; they're overwhelmed at the moment, and are scrambling to get everything under control and in order. Give them a chance to get it together here. They'll let us know as soon as they have it sorted out. Right now what I'd like to see the most, is full body shells painted in the other 4 FE colors. Hopefully we can get that before the end of the year.
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