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  1. My recently purchased Esprit S2 has no wiring for the rear screen de-mist. There is power from the switch to the hinges, but no wiring from the hinges to the screen element. Circuit tests suggest everything should work, including the switch and the screen element and I've got the appropriate wiring/connectors. Just need to know how to route the wiring - does it just go from the hinge bolt to screen connector over the top of the weather seal, or underneath it (i.e. between the frame and the seal)? The obvious route would be through the frame itself as this would avoid the potential for a poor seal on the boot, but there is no hole and no sign of one that has been blocked up. Any photos of the original set up and/or improvements would be much appreciated, thanks!
  2. Hi All Just joined the world of Lotus Esprit ownership with an S2 in Monaco White. It's got a few non-standard things on it, but the most obvious is colour coded bumpers and intake 'ears'. These should be satin black. Has anyone had any experience of using a good quality vehicle wrap in satin black to cover these? Unsure if the chin spoiler at the front should also be satin black too. Thanks Chris
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