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  1. Ad reads "Lotus Eclat 2.0 2dr Petrol Special World championship Colours BLACK AND GOLD A whole complete car and all together, nothing missing that I can think of. Would be great project car and Resto Car Here is a perfect project to keep some enthusiast busy over the summer Future classic, been stored in a Garage storage for over 10 years. Great project car for enthusiast. Won't take much to get it on road as previously well looked after, mostly cosmetic work. Was running before being put into storage. Will need trailer to be taken away. Location Guildford Surrey"
  2. x2 Series 1 Alloy Wheels on Ebay, start price £60. Collect from Corby, Northants
  3. Googling Lotus Eclat images recently, ended up on Instagram and saw the picture below, thought it looked familiar. My car !! Neighbours tell me people are always photographing it or just stopping and looking at it. Located in NW London. I liked the comment the poster left about 'Hotwheels' and 538 likes !! And visiting a friend in Archway, N London, someone took this one and posted on Instagram. Only 18 likes, but only 10 days ago.
  4. Hi Dill, the AB14 ignition amplifier was fitted inside of the Lucas ignition amplifier to the later Excels. Are you getting a spark at the plugs? Is petrol pumping into the carbs, what condition are the carbs in, when were they last overhauled. Rebuild kits are available OE and cheaper alternatives.
  5. Oops, Senior Moment, spending too long on another forum.
  6. In the Engine bay, right hand side, mounted on the middle of wheel arch. Looks something like the pic below. The internal gizmo can be replaced much cheaper than buying an new Lucas unit
  7. Mine doesn't dip, but its just struck me the spring/adjusting arm could be lengthened to to adjust out the dip. When pod is up the spring compensates for the extra length. You might be able to set the correct length through the access hole in the underside, or more likely through the up pod with headlight and back cover removed
  8. It rotates anti-clockwise looking at the arm side. In the up position the arm is at 45* clockwise from the vertical, rotating anti-clockwise by what looks to be 135*, to 9.00 o'clock position. If you cut and paste and Google this: " Repairing Refitting Headlamps - Triumph TR7 Restoration Part 15 " you should find a good video of a TR7 Headlamp restoration. Go to 15:15 minutes in and it shows the motor operating.
  9. Just wondering if the engraved line on the body of the motor is aligned with the arrow head on the motor endplate, as shown in the picture on left on page 12 of the pdf below. This might cause the drop before they lift up to on position. Lucas Pod Motor Strip.pdf
  10. Here is a pic of the pod in the UP position, the lever arm and the spring/adjustment arm line up.
  11. The YouTube video at 14.30 it shows the 2 stop positions of the lever arm which are not at 180' When in the up position the arm and adjusting rod are in line, but not when down.
  12. Hi Terry, I've had some issues with my S2.2 headlamps pods but I've not seen them drop before rising.
  13. Just seen I didn't post what the solution to this problem was, not electrical at all. On top of the electric headlamp motor, in direct line with the center line of the spindle, is a small screw and lock-nut. It was just a case of tightening the screw so that it gave a bit of resistance to the spindle so that its didn't spin too fast, past the 'stay down' part of the contacts.
  14. IIRC there are 2 in the headlamp bay but thought they were connected to headlights only. I'll check the footwell relays too.
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