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  1. The heater control on my Eclat is stuck on hot, can anyone tell me if it’s possible to remove the trim panel around drivers footwell and reach the heater valve and close it manually. Also located the clicking sound from the engine to be a blown gasket; manifold end to 'downpipe,' and a stud is broken. How difficult a job to undo nut and replace gasket and stud? Leave to professionals or DIY? Sight of 40 year old rusty nuts put me off a bit. How is the Otter Switch held into the gasket. Mine just has cable ties. Is it standard that the 3rd position at 4.30, on the Interior Heater Fan Knob, turns on the radiator fans? TIA G
  2. Returned home and it had stopped, but pod was not sitting fully home, slightly proud. Had a look at it the following day and it was sitting back as it should. Very strange.
  3. Whereabouts are the headlamp motor relays located on the 2.2s? Not covered in my manuals. TIA G
  4. Out for a drive today and the driver's side headlamp starts going up and down continuously. The lights were off, think I had just indicated, maybe flashed when it started and it continued even after parking up with the engine turned off. Good job I have a battery isolator fitted. Restarting, sometimes it stopped for a while, then started happening again. Has part of the headlamp mechanism failed? TIA G
  5. Thanks for the pics Terry, I'll check that route. I just stuck my head in the boot and was almost knocked out by the inhalation of petrol fumes, so I'll seal around the sender unit and see if that solves the problem. Graham
  6. Just found out a bit of information that might help anyone tackling this job. (Found it on an Esprit video below, these share the same door mirrors) The 2 holes in the backing plate shown in Mike's 1st post give access to 2 crosshead screws, (shown in Mike's 2nd post) which hold the motors and backing plate to the front cover. Undo these, if they're not rusted in place, and the assembly should separate
  7. I've got the petrol smell in my Eclat boot too. I'll check this location. I found a 5mm pipe coming from the underside of the SU pump pushed into a hole in the boot floor. Anyone know what this is for. Terry, can you please tell me where your air admittance valve with the 6mm pipe is routed and exits the boot area. I found the valve and a bit of pipe loose in the boot. Many TIA
  8. Does anyone have one of these Steering Wheel Splined Hub with 3 bolt holes in their pile of parts that they would be willing to sell. I think they were fitted to the original factory steering wheels. Many thanks, Gray
  9. Can anyone tell me the routing of the Fuel Tank Air Admittance Valve Pipe, the 5mm dia one that allows air into the tank when the engine runs, on a S2.2 Eclat. I read somewhere it exits the boot behind the bumper. There are a line of plastic clips halfway up the rear boot panel which look likely but I cannot see an exit hole to behind the bumper. TIA
  11. I've just seen this thread. I had problems with my S2.2 Eclat and found this locksmith to be very helpful. [email protected] Mr Ian Rand Arun Locks 62 Arun Road BILLINGHURST W Sussex RH14 9NB 07598 805533 / 01403 786213 He has a stock of the original Union/Wilmot Breeden lock barrel and keys and can match replacement lock barrels to keys and visa versa On mine I got a replacement lock from Rimmer Bros, for an Austin Princess the original source and used the lock barrel and key in the original outer barrel holder. The lock body on my S2.2 Eclat is definitely from a Talbot Horizon. Or you could try LotusBits.
  12. WARNING: Presenter makes ill informed, sacrilegious remarks about Eclat and Elites.
  14. 62K miles, good MoT history apart from 2014, Reg No BKW202T, leather interior
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