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  1. @Paul_D Appreciate it Paul, I'm gonna give it go. Thanks! ☺️
  2. Hi Everyone! Came back from a track day, it was late and raining. Totally agree with that the stock headlights need to be upgraded. Could I please get a few pointers before I commit to trying to give this a go myself. Just reviewing this topic and watching a few YouTube Videos - thank you! * Does any HB3 bulb work? I saw @Paul_D and few other people use the Philips Would any others work too? I see these ones with alot of positive reviews. * Do they need to have a controller or decoder to avoid errors? * Need to purchase a new dust caps? About 85mm? * Is recommended to change the Hi Beam too? With the install * Should I remove the front wheels for easier panel access? * Should the car be jacked up? * Does the car battery need to be undone? * The bulb needs to be aligned to an straight angle at 3 and 9 o'çlock? * Are they just a simple plug and play? * The new Dust caps just goes enclose on top of the new LED? * Any additional tools I would need? Appreciate all the pointers and any feedback is welcomed if I'm completely wrong. Thanks. 🙂 Cheers, JT
  3. Those looks very nice Paul! Are they like LED lights? The indicator lights, are in the center and turns orange?
  4. @GFWilliams Hi George, does the magnetic trickle charger connector supply charge to your battery? How does the connection work?
  5. thanks! is this first service normally a free service? very difficult not to rev above 4000 RPM 😅
  6. Newbie question - is 1500km a first service? and require an oil change?
  7. Hey guys, Has anyone purchase their titanium exhaust, headers or y-pipe? Hows the quality and also any sound clips? Any dyno reading after install?
  8. Hi Everyone, I am hoping I could get some of your experience and perspective on helmets. Looking to get a new helmet for track days and road events. I can see there's a number of different brands and the large pricing range from a few hundred up to a few thousand. Could you please share what you own, used and recommend? * Do all helmets have a shelf life? * I can see there's different Snell SA2020 & FIA 8859-2015 certifications, it important to have both of them? * Carbon fiber helmets, do they make a difference in weight? Is it work the money? * Bell & Stilo, is one brand better then another? * Is good to have support for Microphone, drink system etc? I see some of you have nice custom colours, was that ordered like that or was a spray job at home? Looking forward to your responses. Cheers, JT
  9. great write up and diagrams @Paul_D! So what happens when you upgrade to a third party full exhaust system. Would these principles still apply?
  10. Thanks @Bibs!! Much appreciated. Look forward to seeing the missing parts. @XZG420 maybe you can try ask them for the missing parts. @Paul_D thanks Paul, you seem to have all the knowledge on all the parts. Any other parts upgrade you recommend which is simple to install?
  11. Hey Guys, I brought mine from TLF, however it's missing the thin nut and black ring too. I ended up taping the button from the inside of the lower steering column for the time being. Seems to be okay so far. Havent had a chance to do go to the hardware store to find the right nut for it. However if anyone knows the exact size to buy, please let me know. 😅 Where did you buy your button from Paul?
  12. Keen to see your car come together. Must be very exciting!! Thanks for sharing your journey, I have been watching all your videos. Big Fan.😄
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