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  1. @XHXHX that bulb worked fine for me. Definitely brighter light. The light is even, however i find angle seems to be pointing more towards the ground. I probably see if can adjust it.
  2. @XHXHX I ended up purchasing the bulbs from Amazon. It got many positive reviews online, so I gave it a shot. The bulb clicked in nicely, without any adjustments. The bulb seemed to align evenly went was lit on up against the wall. However haven't chance to drive the car at night to test it. Taking the car out tomorrow night, so should able to let you know afterwards.
  3. Hi Everyone, Newbie question! Usually with standard cars I can see the jacking points on the frame. The Exige is very low and I dont see exactly where the points are. Definitely dont want to destory the frame. Could someone please share your experience, however to jack up the front of the car for placement of the stands? If anyone has any pics, that would be a great help! Cheers, JT
  4. @Paul_D Appreciate it Paul, I'm gonna give it go. Thanks! ☺️
  5. Hi Everyone! Came back from a track day, it was late and raining. Totally agree with that the stock headlights need to be upgraded. Could I please get a few pointers before I commit to trying to give this a go myself. Just reviewing this topic and watching a few YouTube Videos - thank you! * Does any HB3 bulb work? I saw @Paul_D and few other people use the Philips Would any others work too? I see these ones with alot of positive reviews. * Do they need to have a controller or decoder to avoid errors? * Need to purchase a new dust caps? About 85mm? * Is recommended to change the Hi Beam too? With the install * Should I remove the front wheels for easier panel access? * Should the car be jacked up? * Does the car battery need to be undone? * The bulb needs to be aligned to an straight angle at 3 and 9 o'çlock? * Are they just a simple plug and play? * The new Dust caps just goes enclose on top of the new LED? * Any additional tools I would need? Appreciate all the pointers and any feedback is welcomed if I'm completely wrong. Thanks. 🙂 Cheers, JT
  6. Those looks very nice Paul! Are they like LED lights? The indicator lights, are in the center and turns orange?
  7. @GFWilliams Hi George, does the magnetic trickle charger connector supply charge to your battery? How does the connection work?
  8. thanks! is this first service normally a free service? very difficult not to rev above 4000 RPM 😅
  9. Newbie question - is 1500km a first service? and require an oil change?
  10. Hey guys, Has anyone purchase their titanium exhaust, headers or y-pipe? Hows the quality and also any sound clips? Any dyno reading after install?
  11. Hi Everyone, I am hoping I could get some of your experience and perspective on helmets. Looking to get a new helmet for track days and road events. I can see there's a number of different brands and the large pricing range from a few hundred up to a few thousand. Could you please share what you own, used and recommend? * Do all helmets have a shelf life? * I can see there's different Snell SA2020 & FIA 8859-2015 certifications, it important to have both of them? * Carbon fiber helmets, do they make a difference in weight? Is it work the money? * Bell & Stilo, is one brand better then another? * Is good to have support for Microphone, drink system etc? I see some of you have nice custom colours, was that ordered like that or was a spray job at home? Looking forward to your responses. Cheers, JT
  12. great write up and diagrams @Paul_D! So what happens when you upgrade to a third party full exhaust system. Would these principles still apply?
  13. Thanks @Bibs!! Much appreciated. Look forward to seeing the missing parts. @XZG420 maybe you can try ask them for the missing parts. @Paul_D thanks Paul, you seem to have all the knowledge on all the parts. Any other parts upgrade you recommend which is simple to install?
  14. Hey Guys, I brought mine from TLF, however it's missing the thin nut and black ring too. I ended up taping the button from the inside of the lower steering column for the time being. Seems to be okay so far. Havent had a chance to do go to the hardware store to find the right nut for it. However if anyone knows the exact size to buy, please let me know. 😅 Where did you buy your button from Paul?
  15. Keen to see your car come together. Must be very exciting!! Thanks for sharing your journey, I have been watching all your videos. Big Fan.😄
  16. Hi Team! Is possible to change the Display Name? I don't see any option under the profile.
  17. Thanks Guys! This part works likes a treat. Very addictive to have the open up at low revs.
  18. Does this block the A/C vent? That's a nice design. So you have to install that pioneer head unit in order to get the suitable mount?
  19. Hello All, Mobile phone mounts, which mounts are people using for their Exige? Could you please share with me your experience on where is the best position to mount a mobile? Love to see pics if you have any 🙂 I got myself one of these Car Kit - All iPhone Devices with optional Wireless Charging Head - Quad Lock® Australia - Official Store (, however I found it difficult to mount on the windscreen without impact the visibility. Has anyone mounted on other parts of the interior? Cheers, JT
  20. Hey Paul, Do you have this Tracker on your car 24x7? Is it worthwhile only for lithium batteries? How often does do you normally take your car out for a drive? Is this a good idea for standard batteries too? Apart from the weight saving, do lithium batteries last longer than standard batteries?
  21. Did you end up purchasing the 430 cup rubber seal thing? Are they any good? Did you ever consider having PPF on top of the existing shark fin piece (blue region)? I brought myself some Slip Lo - SLiPLO Universal Bumper Guard Scrape Skid Plate Protector Kit – SLIPLO to use once the PPF is done. Me too, I caught the front lip twice on a few steep slopes 🤬. Same, I had ceramic on previous cars - I found it much easier to clean and wash. In Australia, it's costing me $5K for everything I mentioned earlier, PPF for full car is $7K.
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