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  1. Just had my call today!! I must admit I’d hoped the special new configurator was going to be a bit fancier haha at risk of repeating what folk have said already I had these nuggets from my guy: They are building all first editions for orders placed so far, they’ll stop taking orders at some point and draw a line, and that’s when FEs stop. Doesn’t matter how long it takes to build them or what delivery dates end up being. He suggested that I was within the first 1900 orders at this stage. Wasn’t clear if that was v6s or all. They aren’t quoting delivery dates so far as they’re still having people pull out so we’re sliding up the queue! I asked about finance packages and they aren’t set yet, but he said it would be a fair assumption to look at Porsche’s deals offered on the 718 Cayman and that they would be representative of what Lotus will offer. I thought that was odd as I expect they’re pitching the vehicles head to head but I didn’t expect them to be as anal as to copycat the finance too, doesn’t feel like they need to. Finance deals won’t be released until the new year and you will have the option to slip your order if you can’t commit without seeing them first.
  2. Audi tried to sell me a fixed service deal on my TTS. I asked what services cost and he couldn’t / wouldn’t tell me, he said “it depends” Ridiculous to have no way to tell if it was worth doing. This is the odd thing with dealing with the factory for all the money but collecting from a dealer/retailer. At what stage will they bring up all the usual franchise extras like GAP, paint / alloy protection, I assume literally on the day you collect
  3. I understand why some people don’t like them. But it’s served it’s purpose for me extremely well. It’s heavy, flat footed and has very numb control feedback, but it’s comfortable, refined and quick. It has a surprisingly large boot if you fold down the back seats too. It’s time to have the dynamics and the excitement I’ve always craved though. Especially as I don’t commute now and the drives I will do I want to be worthwhile Sounds great! Thanks for the welcomes everyone
  4. Hi folks, I'm Alastair (Ali) a Scot living in Gloucestershire. I've been a massive Lotus fan for a long time and the Emira deposit is going be my first Lotus. Had Emira not been coming a long I'd have been buying an Exige and another runabout but I'm going to try and daily the Emira 🙂 I currently have an Audi TT-S, and an XC60 T8, and before that I had a heavily modified smart Roadster for a long time. The Roadie brought a kindred spirit with Elise owners, I used to track that and had uprated most elements of it that matter. I've had my Emira deposit down since July, and been to Rybrook Bristol to see the roadshow, even though Silverstone is my dealer of preference, but dates didn't work for me. I've driven Elises, Exiges and VX220Ts in the past, and as a relatively inexperienced Electronics Engineer went to Hethel for a job interview for Lotus Engineering. Glad to finally be on a forum of owners!
  5. Hi folks, first post! I placed my deposit online on the 27th July, and I’ve been to the Rybrook Bristol roadshow day. Such an excruciating wait for the phone to ring to firm up the order! I’m looking for a V6 manual FE. But if the timelines are getting tight on the FE run I could be persuaded on a different spec altogether.
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