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  1. Who cares black or blue mirrors, silver or black exhausts its still a masterpiece 😀
  2. Blue roof black mirrors, another unique model? any pictures of exhaust pipes badges etc
  3. I think a more comprehensive video of the whole process will be shown on youtube, soon….
  4. Should be finished soon...
  5. When I got this email, I did think excuse me…why? but as I haven’t seen my car since the day of delivery I thought it a nice reminder from lotus from sunny Rodney Bay St Lucia😀🌞
  6. Got this today, not sure it has copied correctly but I’m sure someone will sort it please Lotus Emira - Performance and Practicality Dear AB As a valued Emira customer, you will be updated on Emira features and highlights, in this segment you will explore the Emira interior. If you have any questions please visit our FAQ or contact our dedicated Customer Care team. Configure Your Emira FB IG TW YT Email information: This email was sent to If you no longer wish to receive our periodic emails, please unsubscribe or view/modify your preferences/settings. Thank you. Sent from my iPad
  7. Would be amusing but atm its a 7000nm round trip, maybe my son might book.
  8. Got my test drive email, guess it’s a little late for me😀
  9. Autoshine and Tinting has just posted a video about my car, there will be another video about how they produce the PPF templates etc soon. I cannot post a link to the you tube video so if someone knows how please do so. in the video I noticed that after he started the engine and changes driving modes you can see the reduced maximum rpm displayed.
  10. Manuals arrived in mail from BCA today, included PDI form which was completed 12th oct
  11. Is this the reason for delays? its just arrived in the mail
  12. Still i think its looks good so no changes
  13. Lower black pack nice black tailpipes and silver parking sensors(?)
  14. Unfortunately there are no manuals/handbooks in the nice folder and I can’t read the downloaded manual on my phone(well I’m not patient enough) but thanks for the tips and please start a thread re ‘how to….’ Is there a brake hold like a double tap of the foot brake and parking brake comes on, or maybe this is just an auto box feature?9
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