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  1. So does this delay mean, from early June initial delivery add 6 to 8 weeks?, so possibly a last week in July or early august for the first few deliveries. I guess if true it’s a 30 day call in the next few days Will DV and silver wheels be an issue?
  2. It’s now quite a while since the mid April ‘in the coming weeks we will contact you’ email. The reviews apart from the evo outlier ( who compared it to a car that a mere mortal is unable to purchase from new) are pretty much as expected. Harry has also confirmed that the touring setup is the one for old farts like me, SO LOTUS contact me and give me a delivery date…..please PS it would be nice to see some real pics or videos of dark verdant
  3. Harry’s instasnap says it’s a press car he has received
  4. True. And they said no☹️
  5. They couldn’t confirm a delivery date but suggested it’s early July for the first deliveries and the delivery information requested was to organise their schedule, he appeared to have a master schedule of names and position for delivery but said he didn’t have the full picture, but certainly for me the coms from Lotus has been good ab
  6. Missed a call from lotus customer services yesterday but got this email Please could we kindly ask you to answer the following questions: 1.) Lotus Prestbury is your local agent. Would you like to use this agent for aftercare needs for the Emira? 2.) Do you plan on trading in a vehicle? 3.) Will you be requesting a personalised plate registration? 4.) How are you planning on taking delivery of your Emira? (at the factory, home/business address, or Lotus agent). 5.) If you have opted for factory collection on the above question, do you wish to bring a plus 1? So just called lotus and one of my requests was factory handover followed by delivery to my home (in case of inclement weather and inability to order a trailer) also discussed delivery date and was confirmed I was very early in the queue , around number 20😀 ab
  7. Ordered a defender 90 p400 in July 21 and it arrived in a month ago, however I had many changes to delivery date, forward and backwards, car was ordered to tow my Emira in its trailer!!!!
  8. Just had an email from lotus delaying handover from June to July, the spec is also fixed in the system. a little disapointed ab
  9. Thanks, seen this already and gussed that at the door hinge the min ht is circa 145mm and the height appears to increase as the door angles slightly up the further aft you measure think I might need 2 scaffolding planks each side😀
  10. No GT4, just don’t want to put lots of motorway miles on it and my new towing vehicle arrives next week… defender 90 P400 Good idea, one of the trailer manufacturers has suggested the floor height compared to side sills can be raised with aluminium blocks, but still want to be sure, I have asked info from Lotus customer care, ie pop into the factory open a door and measure
  11. Looking to get a covered trailer for the new toy, the minimum door height appears to be an issue if you want to drive into a trailer with side opening doors (so you open the car door and trailer side doors to get out). Any guesses to the height from bottom of the door to the ground? regards ab
  12. Have you paid the second deposit?
  13. Just a few minutes after pre order website became live 6 July ? I think
  14. I forgot to ask the nice lady from lotus if I can bring a guest to the tour/delivery, would like to take my son as he is paying for the car (out of his inheritance) not that he is aware 😀
  15. Factory delivery option just confirmed by nice lady from lotus calling me, it’s £195 as expected.
  16. I didnt have a code for the configuration ( and i couldnt remember everything) i choose so spoke to Lotus and they sent the correct config code, however he was at pains to inform me as i have a manual on order it wont have a yellow 12 oclock mark on the steering wheel. Did i miss the delivery charge that is included in the finance examples, or is it new? this code matches my config fP4bcYcp
  17. When I said direct from factory, I got the impression that they meant it would be delivered to your address direct from lotus, however I may have misunderstood
  18. Just had a nice lady on the phone from Lotus telling me I should expect my car delivered in June 2022, apparently all deliveries start in June. In January will be called to complete final order and a month before delivery will be called to make final payment, an online valuation for part ex and delivery dealer choice or direct from factory. oh and big config changes may alter delivery time sounds positive ab
  19. my son says the green is very similar to his defender 90 that he resprayed in landrover epsom green new electric emira, well not exactly, just the demo models where the boot will be
  20. Hi I’m new to lotus cars Initial deposit email received at 00:09 7th July, however I was in France at the time so could be UK 23:09 on the 6th July, I did the deposit as soon as the website allowed. I think I got my phone call just after 10:04 on the 22nd sept and paid the next deposit on the 22nd, however the website confirmed payment but no confirmation email received until after I contacted lotus customer services. so I guess I’m reasonably high up the list, anyone care to guesstimate how far up? Can’t get to any of the dealer presentations, but anyone seen the green metallic yet?
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