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  1. Yes, completely agree it's always the busiest and that Classic Car Sunday is generally better for the older stuff but that's for any type of classic. However Esprits quite rightly fit in the supercar league and clearly hold their own. I'm curious to see what the mix will be at the Rule Britannia Sunday too.👍
  2. Interesting to know, so they did obviously release some more last minute. Plenty is all relative, the modern stuff far outweighed the number of 80s and back cars but I agree, the mix is a good thing.
  3. I forgot to mention the tickets are free but were all gone days in advance unless they released some more last minute (there were no more tickets available two days prior for public entry when I checked). As for how relaxed they are, I couldn't say, but judging from the caliber of cars there, the standard seemed high. Yes hundreds of Ferrari's, Lamborghini's, Aston Martin's, Porsche's, Lotus and other modern supercars which all start to look the same to me, but not many classic supercars. Obviously each to there own and it does seem to be more geared towards modern cars these days...
  4. It's all advance tickets now for the public and many people were commenting it was the busiest it's ever been (it was packed, partly thanks to a 2 year Covid induced hiatus no doubt). Obviously display cars have to be pre-registered and entered for the event which then get selected (or not) by the Goodwood team as you may or may not know...👍
  5. Hi all, I attended the Goodwood Supercar Sunday yesterday as my S1 was one of the cars selected for display. I was positioned in the paddocks along with another 2 Giugiaro Esprits (HC Turbo and N/A S3) with a black N/A S3 on the grid and a couple of Stevens cars elsewhere, so a fairly good turn out for the type. All cars were getting lots of attention despite being in the company of Ferrari's, Lamborghini's, McLaren's, Aston Martin's and all kinds of other modern supercars which speaks volumes for the Esprit.🙂👍 P.s. Huge thanks to Lotusman33 and Paul Coleman for helping me get mine back on the road after a 'minor' blip last month!
  6. I wondered who brought that copperfire car... it was red originally and the seller had it up for 'offers' if I recall. I was curious to know what he was looking for.🙂
  7. It's the colour Hot Wheels chose for their British Horse Power range, so if it's good enough for them....🙂
  8. The Hagerty Price Guide is closer, but still leaves room for improvement I think...🙂
  9. No relay in the S1 fab circuit... Curious as to others thoughts on this. I don't currently use it.🙂
  10. I think I will change the thermostat and otter switch anyway to be on the safe side, then figure out why the fans aren't running. After that I'll think about upgrades whether that's additional/ new radiator or fans (those maybe necessary anyway) or a manual override. Ref the fuel, I've been told that even fuel a couple of months old starts to degrade. An experienced mechanic has also advised to add Ethanol additive even with premium E5?
  11. That's all good to know/ consider. I have a feeling the fans weren't working beforehand, but I hadn't had it in traffic/ idling for any length of time and the weather was cooler too. Getting the fans and potentially the otter switch working are the first job and then it running again, additional upgrades I'll think about after that. It's just a case of where to start/ how best to trace the fault!😕 All advice very much appreciated.👍
  12. Yes completely agree and usually do various preventative maintenance during the winter including running at least once a month, for the reasons you've described. In this case, due to circumstances outside of my control, it was longer than I usually like.
  13. Thanks for all the replies and motivational words.🙂 On recommendation, I tried bypassing the Otto switch with the ignition on and the fans didn't kick in despite rotating freely, so that provides a cause and clearly highlights an issue somewhere in the circuit or fans themselves. I cut the engine very quickly after it started and it was only idiling at the time so hopefully there's no damage. I've been reliably informed the 907 heads are fairly robust.
  14. The water pump was replaced a couple of years ago, I'm not sure on the others without checking. Would a faulty thermostat cause really such a failure?
  15. Hi all, So I had a major coolent failure today just after having the carbs tuned up post winter lay up. It was running beautifully for 45mins until boiling hot coolant started spraying out of the reservoir overflow all over the engine bay and road. The plastic overflow cap was the only thing I found had come off so I'm a bit unsure why it caused a total loss of the coolent so dramatically? Anyone have any thoughts?
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