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  1. Yes, 20 years ago it was voted best movie car by the British public, I bet today it would be somewhat down the list! I remember this, I think it worked fairly well.
  2. Brilliant, though it should be in the lake not not it!πŸ˜‚ I wonder why he used later rear lights and bumper after all that effort? I'm sure you could muster something up shell wise...πŸ˜‰
  3. It's lucky he owns two S1's then... I'm convinced he has the necessary skills to convert one into a real Wet Nellie!πŸ˜„
  4. Incredible work Dave, is there anything you can't do?!πŸ˜„
  5. Less stress on hoses and pipework due to the lack of pressure and less corrosion as I understand it. If so, the rationale would seem sound on an aluminium engine with long pipework and hoses. The S1 is ok when moving, it's low or no dynamic airflow when problems seem to start - I think there are enough with first hand experience of this (myself included) as well as Lotus themselves trying to address this in the S2 and 3 to evidence it is not just internet chatter.
  6. Thanks Dave/ Bill, really useful info - appreciate the detailed response. Yes the lack of pressure and corrosion benefits I'm being told are potentially worthwhile for the (relatively small in the grand scheme of things) extra cost. Interesting you say it doesn't affect cooling - if it doesn't boil/ boiling temp is that much higher that provides an additional 'overheat protection' element too surely? Nu.
  7. Yes these were some of the points I was thinking of so thanks for your view. SJ appear to only do a new aluminium radiator now which is one of the reasons I ask. I take it you're not running waterless then?
  8. Hi all, I know there are pros and cons to both (such as durability, heat dissipation etc) on re-coring vs replacement with an aluminium radiator but what is the concensus from other S1 owners? Also, same question on Evans waterless coolent Vs standard stuff in an S1? Is pump impeller size an issue for example? Lots of discussion on both but wondering opinions specific to the S1 because of the potential cooling issues. Thanks in advance.πŸ™‚
  9. Any recommendations for a period looking but modern unit for an S1? I've seen a couple of possibilities, but dimensions seem too wide for the S1's recess? I have a working period MW/LW unit but not many station options with that now!
  10. Funny enough I thought the same, though I guess budget and time were a factor and clearly impressive stuff from those SWLC guys. Very good money for a N/A S3 with partial turbo body kit!
  11. Esprits run hot. The thermostat doesn't kick in until something like 82c so if you were 2-3mm over the 90 mark I doubt you have anything to worry about. Trust me, if you experienced an S1 running, you'd really know how hot they can get!
  12. From the collecting cars auction on your car; SERVICE HISTORY Between March 2021 and January 2022 at 48,500 miles, technicians at Ellisons Garage carried out a full engine rebuild, including pistons, rings, connecting rods and cylinder liners. The cylinder head and turbo were reconditioned, while the valves, guides, cam belt, tensioner, clutch, thrust bearing, radiator, thermostat and coolant hoses were replaced. Around six months ago, the carburettors were rebuilt and the turbo wastegate was replaced. The front brake callipers have also recently been replaced. Prior to this, the car was serviced in March 2019, where technicians replaced the engine oil, filters and front shock absorbers. During the vendor’s ownership, the rear shock absorbers and gear selector linkage have also been replaced, while the air conditioning has been repaired. Save to say it's had a lot of attention in recent times, which should give you some peace of mind.
  13. Based on the amount of work that car has had in the last 18 months one would hope you are good to go. Doesn't hurt to go over it though if new to you for familiarity as much as anything else...
  14. Amazing work Dave - just caught up with your updates! Looking forward to seeing the continuing build journey...πŸ™‚πŸ‘
  15. How have I only just found this thread?! Love the title, amazing work, starting to come together by the looks of it Dave!πŸ™‚
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