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    Evora S IPS, BMW 5GT, Fiat Panda
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  1. Oh hello!. Nice example is anyone looking.
  2. Another IPS is up for sale....
  3. Evora is a cult car, I doubt there might be many who want to swap Evora with Emira. Yes, emira might be faster and has up to date gizmos, but Evora will have its own fanbase.
  4. Low mileage NA. Although it was originally registered in Jersey
  5. Another sports racer with Will Blackham .. looks nice
  6. Another IPS, although the ad is misleading and says manual. It says registered in 2015, but car looks like pre MY12 Evora. And it says Evora S but looks like a NA.
  7. Nice one came up at Will B. Who ever is looking, grab it.
  8. The grey and the blue IPS S cars are back on Auto trader and price dropped by £2K
  9. Thank you. That helped. The stalk was clicked to on 🤦‍♂️
  10. What am I doing wrong? The headlights only come on only on as high beam. I normally press the red one first and then the green one. From yesterday this comes on as main beam. The indicator stalk is in the correct position. 🤔
  11. Could be a SOR. And car back with the owner. But I hope it was picked up by a new owner. That car was mint 😃
  12. Give the man a round of applause for driving an Evora 144k miles and is still in great condition👏👏👏. Wish you a speedy recovery🤛
  13. It was advertised at £33K. @gavk sorry poor memory and thanks for correcting me
  14. They were unsatisfactory out of the box, but all cars had a software update and it improved the gearshifts considerably. I think a bit more than early £30s tbh, obviously condition and mileage dependent. There was a lovely yellow NA IPS sold for £31k+ not very long ago.
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