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  1. That date isfor newly launched cars not for ones that are already launched and believe the system can be turned off at the press of a button.
  2. I will need a lot of 💵💴💶💷💰at that rate..
  3. Mars Gold metallic wheels The sills in leather made me assume premium pack. I could be wrong.
  4. Hopefully this helps
  5. Before giving you instructions on how to fix the problem, let me give you a brief explanation as to why a charging a completely flat battery or switching out the battery may have triggered issues with your instrument cluster. The thing is, switching out the battery or even jumpstarting a vehicle can cause an electrical spike inside of the vehicle, which basically can cause a speedometer to go berserk. Did the battery go totally flat before the battery pack was connected? Don't quote me on this but some cars tend to do a ECU reset when batteries are replaced and throw all sort of warnings. Like above try to build up enough charge into the battery or replace it if the issue is terminal, wait for some time and then restart the car, hopefully it will reset it properly
  6. It was there since October 2021, originally advertised at £29995 Got all three packs and full lotus service history. Nice colour too.
  7. May be the buyer pulled out. It was advertised on PH before and now on AT.
  8. You will only ever need two tools to mend things. If they are meant to be together use a gaffer tape, if they are meant to be separate use the hammer.
  9. Don't know the history of the car but this was owned by someone who live in NI Belfast area. He did spend a lot of money to make it look like it is now. And generally don't be put off by the number of owners. Cars like lotuses do change hands frequently. Take it for a extender test drive and see if you can pick up anything. Btw .. where is this advertised now.
  10. Did you check PH and AT. There are some good examples out there.
  11. I too thought it was water vapour. But I checked it was definitely blue coloured some and the petrol smell. Weirdly it goes away after 30 seconds or so. It only started doing this from a week or so. I know the engines are quite reliable. The car is under warranty so it's worth getting it checked I guess.
  12. Aldi is a lot better than Waitrose. 🤣🤣🤣
  13. Thank you. Any idea why there would be smell of petrol. It was like the old two stroke scooters. I will keep an eye on it and see if it does this regularly.
  14. Video Uploaded for reference. 917195900_RingVideo_20220104_1659232.mp4
  15. When I started, the car spat out a puff of blue smoke and could smell petrol. It did the same a few days back when it was cold (14 degrees centigrade). Although both the smoke and petrol smell were gone about after 30 seconds and the didn't see the smoke or smell petrol since then. Is this normal and expected or warrants a trip to the dealership.
  16. I never saw another Lotus in the area, let alone an Evora
  17. SOR is the better option. Hard selling private at the price point. Webuyanycrap is hardly representative about the market value. Try a couple of dealers and see what they can offer. As said above, ring Jamie @ B&C or Aimee @Lotus Silverstone. They both will go the extra mile to help you out with the best deal.
  18. Winter tyres may be. They are recommended one size down in general.
  19. Evora is a cult car and will hold its value reasonably well, if not appreciate a little bit. Evoras is a rarer car than the Emira (at least based on the rumour on number of orders) There are a number of factors that'll drive this. How many Emiras are sold, how long the Emiras will be made, how good or bad emira is to drive and live with.
  20. Spotted This afternoon on ewell by pass near stoneleigh. I was in my BMW 5GT. Are you local?
  21. Can be done. Check if the Speedo will need recallibration, the variances will be small though.
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