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  1. Bargain. Someone here was looking for an early Evora, worth looking into
  2. I can't be very sure, but some paint defects and dents have been reported in the past and rectified.. but If it's a new car, the dealer should it get that fixed for you surely
  3. Well done there sir. Congratulations 👏👏 👏
  4. Market has moved upwards and this is not the chip shortage.. lot of new interest in Evora more than before ..
  5. I was in your position, hunting for an Evora S with a £30K original budget. I ended up purchasing one just shy of £40K. I don't regret it. They are worth it. Try ringing Jamie @ bell and colvill or Aimee @Lotus Silverstone they are a good bunch and can source something. As others said, the prices have gone up and this one not because of the market bubble, it's because they are well engineered master pieces and very desirable
  6. Did you consider the one in Atherstone ? It was discussed here before. It's does need some makeup e.g. alloy wheels refurbished, leather reconditioned etc. See if you can test drive it and negotiate a price if you like it .
  7. I am in the market to swap my BMW 5GT and the D4 S8 is one of the candidates alongside a Lexus GS F .. before I join the Audi exclusive forum, just wanted to know whats the life living with one of them. Things on to what to look out for before purchasing and what could go wrong . particularly the after sales experience from the main dealers.. my BMW is a lovely cars, but the dealers are spanners really and terrible at diagnosing faults
  8. Errr.. without the cover, they'll know that anyway.. but I got plans to extend the driveway and when that happens I will park it side ways and shield it with my other two cars. Pretty much everyone in the street already appreciated it and there are some nice metal and motors in our street for distraction.
  9. Aah same as mine. I ordered the normal bag.
  10. Yep, all taken care of. Pads were dried and Battery connected to the trickle charger. I agree I should make time to take it out for a quick spin every two weeks.
  11. Hibernate for a month🤣, work commitments and other things mean I am not going to use it much of February. I am sure the cover will come off in March ..however every year we get this false spring symptoms and then suddenly there will be a snowstorm or freezing two weeks 😉.
  12. The cover went on this morning. It does feel soft to touch and did a water pressure test on a small patch and it kept the inside dry. I will report back it's effectiveness in a few weeks time.
  13. Off she goes into hibernation..
  14. Evora S for pleasure runs. BMW 5GT 535d for school runs. Fiat Panda for Skip runs. BMW needs to go, great car but terrible dealers. In the market currently for Lexus GSF or an elusive Lexus LS460 f sport.
  15. @Bibs is the man. Link to the official cover
  16. Emira has the luxury to piggyback on the Halo Evija's marketing.. Evora didn't have anything like that other Dani Bahar's five concept cars at Paris motor show,which everyone forgot by the end of the month I mean both public and Lotus.
  17. The official lotus ones would be the best bet. I ordered this one customised with lotus and Evora logos, I didn't use it so far but will report back.
  18. The timing of the Evora release wasn't ideal (2008/2009 recession) so hence they didn't get the start it needed and the effect(sentiment that it's not selling as expected) continued into the decade. But what it means those who managed to get hands on one of them have one of the best engineered cars ever. Look at Gordon Murray T33, a £1mil + car, it looks a lot like the S1 Evora
  20. Bargain
  21. Thank you. I will ask the dealer to check and confirm.
  22. Thank you 👍 Thought so. Started and exploring options to enhance the exhaust noise on my Evora S.
  23. Doing a fact check, as my intelligence is no better than a koala 🐨, do MY12 Evora S IPS cars also have a third cat that can be deleted. If yes, I'd be tempted to get the third cat removed.
  24. There is a lovely Evora S with Will B on pistonheads.
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