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  1. Quite possibly type 132 will be based on this one. The pictures from the back look similar. Yes, the suspension setup will be lotus derived, the top spec performance numbers look good and I remember seeing a stop watch timer stop at 3.8 in one of the Instagram feed. "The top of the trim variant of the 001 has electric motors on both the front and rear axle, putting out a combined output of 536hp and 700Nm of torque and can propel the 001 from 0-100kph in 3.8 sec, speed max over 200 km/h. Zeekr is claiming that the 001 can run on a full charge for up to 700km, and its charging setup will give it 120 km worth of power in just five minutes of charging time"
  2. Thanks all. I mastered the skill of getting in and out in general. However it was in tight spaces e.g. my driveπŸ˜‚. There is no chance on the passenger side due to close proximity of the neighboours fence. The drivers side I had to move the beemer a bit forward for the Evora door to open wide. Sorry Fiat Panda, you can stay on the street πŸ˜‚. I will have to rethink the parking arrangements on the drive. It's a game of Tetris with cars
  3. So after 2 phone calls, 36 emails, lot of money and 90 miles later the car is on my drive. I picked up the car this morning. Evora S IPS MY12. Aimee at Lotus Silverstone has been fantastic throughout the process. I was bit surprised to see the car was under covers for a proper reveal. (My BMW dealer handed the keys and pointed the car is over the corner there in the forecourt and said "Happy Journey"). . I was walked through about all controls and all my "Don't forget to ask" questions were answered patiently. Definitely impressed with lotus silverstone Before I set off, the trip computer suggested a range of 345 miles and after 90 miles drive back home, there's still three quarters of a tank left. That's very impressive. I haven't driven it in anger or spiritedly, but it was clear that there is nothing that drives like a lotus round the big roundabouts πŸ˜‚. Bits that didn't like 1. Resolution of the reversing camera, particularly in bad light conditions. Is it possible to upgrade this? 2. All though there was space on the driveway for the lotus next to beemer and the Fiat I couldn't get out of the car in a dignified manner πŸ˜‚. So the front garden needs to go and driveway needs to be extended. Ouch 3. Awkward position of the controls, particularly the door mirror adjustment. 4. Having to press the immobilizer button everytime to start the car.
  4. A lovely black exige with gold wheels on A3 towards London ( between M25 and Esher round about) . I was in the Evora with gold wheels πŸ˜‚
  5. NA 2+2 in Epsom green at Bell and Colvill
  6. There are very few black sports cars that can wear gold wheels nicely, Evora is one of them so I unashamedly copied the GP edition. I can't wait to see it in the flesh.
  7. The red stripes on the original GP edition are hand painted ..if you try decals it's easier to get rid off if you don't like them
  8. Probably not everyone's cup of coffee, Decals applied and wheels refinished to replicate the Evora S GP edition ... She is getting ready for collection.
  9. Great find, is there a repository to store information for such finds, it would be good to add to it
  10. Hendy shifted one not far off that price..that was in a stunning colour with all the bells and whistles... turns out the original Evora in immaculate condition are just as desirable as 400s
  11. Try it.. just don't go with an expectation that the gear changes are DCT or ZF super fast.. they are quite smooth and once you get into the rhythm, using the paddles is just as engaging as a manual drive. Blips on downshifts are the best.
  12. I thought they are not different mechanically, but all options included with black roof and sills
  13. How and who adds the information that goes into the special mention section on the certificate?
  14. Another IPS just added on auto trader
  15. Thank you. They ordered new door pulls to be fitted, I was told about them when I went for the test drive. And there was a rattle in the dashboard, sounder like loose change sloshing around which will also be looked at
  16. You are right all the good plates are gone, unless we want to spend a lot. DVLA definitely knows a thing or two on how to make money on number plates, all plates that spell Emira are now expensive.
  17. Obviously it's the Evora, not child number 3 🀣. For those who are interested it's the IPS EVORA S at Lotus Silverstone A few questions on how people are dealing with circumstances like below. 1. My driveway is not flat, probably a 7degree slope. I normally reverese into the drive and I vaguely remember reading somewhere that the Evoras shouldn't be left on a inclined slopes for longer periods. Is this the case or shouldn't matter. 2. I don't intend to use the car as a daily. Probably once/twice a week. Does the car need to be trickle charged to keep it going if the car is being driven occasionally, if so has anyone found a trickle charger that has really long leads (atleast 10 metres). I don't have a power supply to the drive. πŸ₯Ί 3. Best outdoor car cover for the upcoming winter? 4. Number plate opinions a) EV04 RRR b) EV03 RAW c) EV10 RAW
  18. Definitely not. The market has moved on, these cars are much more desirable than before. I've been following the market for 18 months now, prices have been going up even before the second hand inflation The concept of a mid engine 2+2 ICE car, is the first and quite possibly the last (I know i8), and a rare one. So it's achieved a cult status and quite possibly a future classic. I am guessing the 400s will follow suit
  19. Some prefer the series 1 looks, it was the "Original Evora" .agewise it's one of the last series one, low mileage, fully loaded, desirable colour, lack of choice on the market. It ticked all boxes and interestingly the prices are going up for good examples
  20. Correct link
  21. Looks very nice but borderline 400 money.
  22. 3 models Vs 1 model on the production line. In addition, it's lanuch editions and only customisation for owners is paint colour, interior and transmission. Things should (should) roll out much faster.
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