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  1. Thanks John! Dave - hmmm definitely food for thought... It 'fits' beneath the bell housing just fine so far but we've not attempted to put it all together yet... there is a 'plate' on the pressure plate's fingers as mentioned in my first post which I will remove if necessary. As for actuation force... I guess we'll find out! hahaha As mentioned above, the entire casing was cryo treated at the same time as everything else. It's all a bit of a voyage of discovery and I guess I'll find out as it goes along what actually made a difference or not! Until then, I'm keeping my old box and clutch etc!
  2. I had the crown ring and pinion go in my Diablo! Was told it was pretty rare to happen and must have been a manufacturing fault! haha These things happen! I'll give some thought to the quaife though, cheers
  3. Yeah! True story! Not even the nice, Belgian stuff either but that really cheap, nasty, plasticy stuff you get on market stalls! The used to make our pistons out of the same stuff too! Life is starting to come back together, thanks
  4. Hello old chap! I figured I ought to get the part numbers as a matter of 'public record' before I lost the info! How have you been? Ah yes... also on the technicals... I've had all the gearbox's Eastern European, milk chocolate bearings replaced by nice German ones made of metal to higher tolerances
  5. That's comforting to know! I'm hoping with all the work I've had done on the box it will take a few more ponies through it! I'm aiming for around 300 ideally but who knows.
  6. Nice one! This is just a single plate clutch but it's a big step up powerwise from stock. DSVitesse is right to point out that there's not a lot of headroom powerwise on an OEM gearbox before they lunch themselves, iirc lotus would run thing to within either 10 or 15% of tolerance... That said I knew people who were running over 260bhp through them in the past but I've been 'out of touch' for so long, I've no idea how they fared over time
  7. Take a brand new, unused gearbox, get it stripped and take the parts and casing to these 2 places in turn for cryongenic treatment and they will then ship it all on to: For isotropic superfinishing process. I won't bore you all with the details / science of what goes on you can google that / read up on it on their websites Then after all that hope for the best as no one has done this before so we have no idea how well it would work - so hang on to your old box just in case!
  8. It's fine, I've got it covered thanks. I've been following Garry Kemp's advice.
  9. Hi guys, A zillion years ago I got an uprated clutch from AP Racing. I always said I wouldn't post the information until I had it up and running but this is now a billion years later and now I think it's best just to get this information out in the public domain so it's 'safe' and so others can potentially make use of it So the magic numbers are: The CP2394-46 Pressure plate and CPCP2583-15 friction plate I've had the gearbox out and the pressure plate fits fine on the gearbox spline and the pressure plate / housing bolts happily to the flywheel. It also all fits just fine beneath the bell housing... BUT!!! This is as far as it has got so far... There is a metal plate on the back of the pressure plate's 'fingers' that is not present on the OEM clutch so I can't say how it will all interact with the clutch actuator fork. If you call AP and ask them for an Esprit clutch they will think you're mental! I simply, painstakingly went through their entire parts catalogue back in the day and compared all the fitments etc and took a huge great gamble! Just order those parts and they should fit as far as I've been able to test At least the part data is now 'out there' and safe for longevity! haha Just for what it's worth (and these are purely for illustrative purposes) This is what the clutch that came out of my car looks like: ...and this is what the AP one looks like: It's going back a fair bit now but if I recall correctly, it's rated for 350bhp! that would be one hell of a lot on G-car! haha REMEMBER - THIS IS A TURBO CAR! I've no idea if the S3 clutch / flywheel were the same, my gut recollection is that they're not, you'd need a turbo flywheel.
  10. Ohhhhhh! It's Kempy?!!! I had no idea! In that case, yes it's definitely top quality stuff - I've known him for years! (Since I first bought my Esprit!) :-D Thanks Giorgio!
  11. Hi guys Sorry if this has been discussed here already but does anyone know of this lot at all? They do a gasket set that they *claim* is better than OEM... Has anyone used them / can their quality be attested? (or the contrary!) Many thanks in advance, Robin
  12. Not bad at all! It's a track by Buckethead if I recall correctly. Direct your nephew towards Joe Satriani in his "Surfing With The Alien" phase, I think he'd really get a kick out of some of the stuff he was doing then. Clearly where Buckethead took their influence for this from imho... Here's Joe Satriani's famous, insane tapping track, called Midnight...
  13. Hi there, I've got a citroen-maserati gearbox car... I have had Cryo treatment done by a company called Frozen Solid just north of London in Bedfordshire. They did the entire casing and the gears and their prices were very reasonable (about £10-12 per part iirc) I then had all the gears treated with Isotropic Superfinish process by these guys: Again, it wasn't very expensive. Lastly, when rebuilding the box, replace ALL the significant oem bearings with high precision / german ones. As the originals were a weak point too. If I Recall Correctly, the chaps at Lotus said that case failure was indeed a problem once they started to up the power (after gear failure) The Crownwheel and Pinion are weak points in these boxes (so they got all the treatment too they ended up looking like they had been chromed! lol) I then got a clutch kit from AP Racing which is rated to about 350bhp... but I am holding onto the part numbers until I have seen that it has been successfully fitted (I don't want other people buying it and then finding it doesn't fit and complaining at me! lol) but as soon as I know 100% that it fits and works I will make the part numbers publicly available. The 2 treatments (cryo and isf) should increase strength, reduce drag and friction and result in a smoother change too. I cannot report on the efficacy of any of this yet as it is awaiting fitting into the car - but hopefully that should be done within the next month if the snow can hold off!
  14. Whoever would have thought of making slightly smaller, lightweight supercars?! ;-)
  15. Now THAT'S what I'm talking about!!!!!! As long as it has a real gearbox, I'm SO there!!!! F*K the 458 - it looks great but only has twatty paddles and the new McLaren is too bland for words!
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