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  1. Quite simply they are scams.
  2. Unfortunately there is an essential truth here. Electric cars are all well and good, but until you have an equivalent LGV, ships et al, then it has little relevance. Chopsing on about cars is all well and good for the Eco Warrior, but if you dont have a supply chain, then all they have is a model that remains fundamentally flawed
  3. More like the Labour mint
  4. I had problems with my first subscription. Two magazines never arrived. Despite numerous dealings with them, they never rectified the issue and were not bothered. Consequently, I did not renew my subscription. Pretty poor form, all in all
  5. Im not sure I would want to meet many more Dangerous for sanity, mental health and my kidneys 🤪
  6. I had silicone on my Esprit for 12 years with no issues. Engine only, not rad pack.
  7. Perfect match then mate :). Lovely car bud.
  8. As Andy said. Better check you haven't damaged any valves as a result of this. I would recommend you don't run it again until you have set the cam timing correctly. Would also do a compression check once cam timing is correct and aligned to get an indication.
  9. Love the S4S. Enjoy your ownership. Plenty of support here if times get tough. Enjoy the ride Click on the link, Tom. You will find the original Stocks advert
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