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  1. Agree that the 265 sits better on an OEM wheel... it's made for the 265 not for the 285 or even 295. I have limited rear-end grip (most likely due to the camber issues), so would like to avoid 265 before it's sorted out. How fast can the Cooper RS3R/Avon ZZR be warmed up?
  2. Nice driving. I see you are quite polite driver 👍 Also: - how can you drive without the gloves??? - how can Cup2 survive 7 track days? I am ordering the 3rd set after the 3 or 4 track days for the rear. Still on original fronts 😆
  3. I know this is quite old topic, but still... I need your help 🙂 Want to get more camber on the Exige from the day one I got it. Notice that the front is not such a problem, but bought zero bum steer kit anyway (increases camber as well). Can't do much on a rear. Moved eccentric bolt as far as possible. So we should get 2.5-2.6°, but we only get 1.7°. Took a picture of the eccentric bolt. Can anyone tell me if this is the max setting? My alignment shop said it's maxed. I would also say that it's maxed. Is there any other trick to increase it, without relocating the guide plate and without buying the adjustable upper arms?
  4. That's a really useful link. Big thanks for that 😀
  5. Yeah, but not just an engine, other parts as well. Just make sure not to check the front uprights 😂
  6. Knob is in %, but not sure % of what. % of 90°? 😂 So it's the TC for the cornet exit only. Exactly what is needed for the fast laps and trail braking. Just perfect 👍
  7. @Exx it's a great article. Read it multiple times. Really thumbs up for the creator. But it needs an update for the "CUP mode" 🙂 You can see the ESP intervention in the RACE mode on the following video. Quite short, not a great example, but just to get a feeling what I am talking about when relating to the front axle shaking: S intervention.mp4?dl=0
  8. Yes, it's for the front axle. Managed to get 1.5° of camber at front (1°30') with the stock parts. We should be able to get approx 2.5° of camber at the rear with the stock parts, but it's tricky. By rotating the eccentric bolt I only get 1.7°. Eccentric bolt in combination with a pivot should somehow be moved outwards, but me and my alignment shop are not sure hot to do it (without relocating the plate. 🙂 That's a good point. So when in RACE mode and holding the race button for a few seconds, dash shows TC slip angle. So that would mean that the ESP is fully off in this mode (where it takes into account slip angle knob)? Only intervention TC would do is limited engine power to prevent power slide (angle of power slide is depended on a knob)? So no funny business with a brakes? That would be a perfect combo, because I am still afraid of Exige torque, i.e. massive power slides on slippery curves, but don't like ESP intervention. That would answer my "forever" question to dealers, service providers, Lotus fans... difference between the RACE and "knob mode in 1% slip angle setting" is ESP. When in "knob mode / cup mode", only TC is intervening 😀
  9. Thanks @Evotion Want to write my experiences with it since user experiences, reviews and tests are quite rare for the Exige or Lotus in general 🙂 Just got a Reduced Bump Steer Kit by Elise Parts. It also allows higher camber setting without changing uprights or milling them. Looks great, hope it works as well 😄 They (Elise Parts) are also very responsive. This is the part:
  10. Fully agree. Looks like most of the performance compound is prepared for heavy cars, since all of sports cars are quite heavy compared to the exige. I can report that the people with a various Porsche Caymans were complaining that they are not able to warm up the Trofeo R. Even some drivers with GT3 RS were complaining that it takes too long (3-4 laps) to warm up the Trofeo R. We are talking about 400 kg heavier car. But once warmed, its just epic. For sure it's way better than Cup2, but not perfect. Anyone tried those Exige specific tyres from Komo-Tec (Cooper-Avon RS3-R KT)? Problem is that they are only available in 265 for the rear.
  11. 4th trackday with an Exige just passed. What's new? New fluids (brake, engine, gearbox), rear Trofeo R tires, new brake pads and I was driving in the race mode the whole day. Exige is now in the fast/est Porsche Cayman GT4 "category" regarding the laptimes. Cold Trofeo R is faster than the warm Cup2. Warm Trofeo R is great, but it's really really really hard to warm it up. Once hot, it's way faster. 2-3 s per 1:30 lap. Front brake pads are Ferodo Racing DS3.12. Rear is stock, but it looks like it would be good to upgrade rear pads as well, since there is a huge difference in the initial bite between the front and rear, therefore rear is a bit nervous at the beginning of the braking. It's not bad, but not perfect. DS3.12 is great, love it on the road, also on the track. It's a bit harder to modulate, but after 2 sessions you get the feeling for new brakes. No problem when braking before a curve, but tricky trail braking. Highly recommend for road car only as well due to initial bite/no delay. Works well when cold as well. Regarding the trail braking... it really fits car. You can easily rotate the car with a brake pressure, but TC doesn't like it. At least RACE mode doesn't like it. When you brake into the corner, TC panic and fixes the trajectory in a way to shake and destabilize the car like crazy. It's also true that there are different brake pads, different rubber (Cup2) and no camber at front, so TC might just not be configured for this scenario. Need to change front rubber and rear pads as well, to make car more uniform between the front and rear. It might help. Not sure if setting the slip angle would help. I only engaged RACE TC, but were not switching into the "slip angle" mode. Anyone knows if this mode corrects power slides only or also intervenes on front axle panic moments? It's also panicking way too much during fast double S corners, where car would slip through the corners just nicely... but it panic and shakes the whole car. Oh and the most important stuff is... now we know why there is an OEM black sticker before rear wheels:
  12. Motul Gear 300 LS 75W90 only, no additives. @Paul_D I was there just helping (i.e. watching 😂). Friend of mine is a certified race cars mechanic and has some professional tools to do it. He did it.
  13. Correct, I can report that the tire is way better than the Cup2. By better I mean faster and stable, but hard to warm up. Even heavier cars struggle to warm it up. I was not able to warm it up without power sliding it.
  14. Hey, just tested Trofeo R on the track. It is slightly wider than the Cup2 (both are 285): Trofeo R is great, first session (cold, incorrect pressure) was 2 s faster than previous best laptime. Overall 3 s faster than the best Cup2 lap, but only when warmed properly. You can't warm it up with a "regular" track driving, you need to do power slides to warm up the rear. It's better than the Cup2, but not ideal for the exige.
  15. Quick update. Just did a first track day after the gearbox fluid change. Not even one occasion of crunching detected. I was also a bit more gentle when shifting from the 4th to the 5th. Being same "gentle" before the fluid change cause crunching. So it is a bit better for sure. Plan is to do trackday or two and change the fluid again.
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