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  1. @Tex just clarifying if you meant a range somewhere between 30 and 32psi or were you meaning 30F/32R or vv?
  2. Thanks. Is that a range you’re advising or 30F 32R?
  3. Have had a search but can't find any advice on tyre pressures for the track. I'm in a 420FE on Cup 2s. Any thoughts?
  4. Afternoon lap of deserted roads before night shift.
  5. Underneath the centre of the hatch near the windscreen end there's a release lever. It then pulls out with a slight rearward motion. RTFM?
  6. Clean it up with scotchbrite then use this stuff to keep it gleaming...
  7. Thanks mate. Chuffed with the outcome. Thanks Sam. Looks like I got the fourth to last sequential VIN. I got the full body ppf and wasn't entirely sure how the stripes would look so had the wrap shop apply them over the ppf. Hanging in there for now and looks the biz with the calipers. The button was a piece of piss to install and makes it sound a bit more serious when loafing. Sitting on the couch making lists of carbon xmas presents...
  8. Finally got delivery of my 420FE last week. Absolutely thrilled with it and managed 550kms before testing positive for COVID and now I'm not allowed out in it for a week; damned pestilence! Full carpet, cruise control, everything carbon except the intakes. Fitted the noise button without dramas (thanks Luan) and works perfectly.
  9. One of those last four is mine, currently sitting on a wharf in Singapore! Still waiting!!
  10. Good to hear you had a good weekend. Sounds like you're taking a bit of lead role in Lotus Wellington? Watching my ship sit at anchor off Le Havre for the last approx four weeks has been excruciating. Nobody's fault but painful nonetheless. Of course the delays will add several thousand to the price of the car too. Sold the 964 too early and have missed having a toy car all summer. First world problem.
  11. Really like those mirrors. As these only use two mounting points, what do you do to cover up the extra hole further up the mounting area? (Apologies if this gives cause to repeat yourself).
  12. Sorry I missed you Sam. I assume you're heading back today?
  13. No chance Sam. Yes I ordered it direct from Sliplo and will ask McLaren to fit it when the check the car out on arrival. You missed a cool Lotus Club gathering at Lotus Auckland yesterday Sam. I got to meet Luan and Frank and a few other club people. Awesome array of cars.
  14. Hi Luan, Thanks for the addition to the FB group (Sam I'll keep you posted on any news out of there). I agree with Sam that it would be good to get this forum a bit more active. Sam, Luan has suggested a group order for exhaust buttons on FB and I recall you being keen on a bit more noise for cruising the streets? This is apparently the ship our cars are coming on Luan... ...but it is currently located here... Antwerp! So I'm thinking end of March earliest for arrival. I'm not sure I can wait that long... What are the specs on your car Luan?
  15. Thanks for the encouragement @Sam Downey. I have my Sliplo splitter protection and a car cover (thanks @Bibs), just no car! The ship it is supposed to be coming over in is currently in Portugal so hasn't even picked up the car yet. Getting a bit frustrating. Yeah, I had got my head around the extinguisher and (I agree, only the immature would buy an Exige!) the cool factor but think in practice not having a shortened passenger footwell will be better if I can get the Misses into it for a weekender. Likewise the sound deadening I probably would have spec'ed if I had the chance just t make it more liveable. I don't have high hopes for the stereo quality @phrankeeebut yes, it will be good for the longer trips. Pleased you're loving it. I could have brought my Golf EV (ha!) on the club run but I have kart racing in Tokoroa with my son that weekend anyway. I intend to join the club but probably once I get a car. @Sam Downeyperhaps you and @phrankeeeand I can hook-up in Auckland when you get your windscreen attended to?
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