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  1. Other than the knocking how are you enjoying it?
  2. So apparently my car will leave UK 31 Jan so looking like mid-March. Seems the spec has changed too, no fire extinguisher, but added stereo and full sound deadening. Had kinda got used to the idea of the fire extinguisher. Will be interesting to see what actually arrives!
  3. @Sam Downey I pestered Chris last weekend but he has not had an update on delivery and was following up. I assume it’ll be at least three weeks from when it leaves UK so I am in for a bit of a wait I’m afraid. How’s your machine going?
  4. An Exige and a Landcruiser is a good option…
  5. That all sounds pretty good Frank and hopefully they sort the extinguisher soon. I had been toying with taking it out being mindful that it restricts passenger leg room but not sure. Is it a pain for passengers? Is it fairly easy to change the suspension settings or a bit of a PITA? Pleased you've got it riding how you like it. When is the run-service completed? Certainly puzzling that there seems to be different views on what is required, but if in doubt, oil and filter is pretty cheap piece of mind. Then again we may be over-thinking this! Has anyone had their hard top off yet? No further word on my delivery, guessing Feb, so any pictures you guys can post will keep me focused! Hope you're both getting time off to put some kms on your new machines and look forward to a drive together sometime soon! Drive safe!
  6. Sam and Frank. I've ordered the sliplo product for the spoiler lip. Not sure how you guys are getting on with scrapes but thought I'd get ahead of the game and get it fitted when I have PPF applied. Frank, how are you getting on with the car?
  7. @Sam DowneyHave you double checked with McLaren and/or Chris? Does the manual indicate what is required at 1500km? Seems very odd.
  8. Wow. Great write-up Sam. Sounds a bit scary but exciting that it sounds like something to unwrap slowly as your confidence builds. This is partly why I want to put the car on the track so I can learn about it in a safe(ish) environment and get to grips with it. Were the headlights pretty crap? I’ve seen some after market ones in the forums which might make a difference at night. It’s an interesting observation that you can wring the neck of the Elise on the road and have a lot of fun, but the Exige, although faster, quickly gets out of the realm of sensible on the open road. Anyway, glad you made it back without too many dramas and I remain green with envy as I wait for mine to come of the production line.
  9. Great to meet you this week Sam and sorry you weren’t able to join us Frank. Sam, how did the drive back go?
  10. Congratulations again Frank. Looks amazing! Look forward to seeing it in the flesh. I'm pleased to hear it isn't loud at sedate revs; it might just be acceptable to the misses and allow me to keep my neighbourhood friends. I think the suspension has various hardness settings so if the pressures are right you may be able to dial in some more comfort.
  11. Will have to check those dates against other commitments but Chris thinks end of Jan early Feb (which is like forever away) for my delivery so might work if I can swing it with work. Im 6’ but not hugely long in the back so thinking it’ll be fine.
  12. Yeah, the vents add a certain seriousness but agree I’m not about to get the dremel out! The best bit is the wing I think and there is some black detailing that kind of hooks up the engine cover to the roof. I had a feel of the lip and agree that would seem to be good protection. Sam, confirm the 420 lip has nothing? I am keen to track it but not until I have got comfortable. I’ve done several track days in 964s but am certainly no ace. Most important is being insured, accepting you are not about to be discovered and launched into F1, and getting professional instruction. I’m keen to join the club and the Feb run sounds great. What dates? I too bought blind but made it conditional on a test drive which I got the shortest of in the black 390. I was lined up for a longer one but it got sold. The only bit I didn’t like was finding knee room but I guess I’ll find a work around. The mirrors look brilliant. Starting the slippery slope early! I’m working tomorrow but will keep in touch via Chris and see if there’s an opportunity to see your car Frank.
  13. Managed to check it out on Friday. Looks brilliant. I hung around a bit waiting for your car Frank. Hope it arrives Monday. Agree with Sam it will look stunning in grey!
  14. Yes I am told it is the only 430. Does look stunning. Are you bringing it up Sam or is it being transported?
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