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  1. Thank you for the warm welcome! It is red but seems they primed it and left it with the prime only, looks rough in the outside they left it in the parking lot for years. they took the fuel pump and slashed the lines, so the first part is the fuel tank, pump and lines, I already de rusted the inside of the tank and treated with anti rust and painted in the outside. i am going to get the diagram but seems than the lines along the pump are pretty straightforward in the installation besides the banjos, not sure if i am missing something from the tank to the pump like a filter? Here are few shots of the car Thanks!
  2. Hello Everyone! I just acquired a 76 Lotus Eclat here in Southern California, from a closed body shop. I have few questions as it is in need of restoration and most of the parts are not available in US. the car was stripped of most items before a paint job, as that was the way i found it, it is missing the side mirrors, the passenger rear window , front and back bumpers, tail lights and side lights. I started restoring the fuel tank and found the level sender Smiths tbs1214/013 is broken and i don't see a replacement here in US, do you think the 014 jaguar xjs version would work? Thank you in advance i am in love with this car and it only has 9000 miles.
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