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  1. Thanks guys. I do know the dimensions and compared it to other vehicle sizes, and based on those dimensions I was confident it was the size of some larger sports cars. What was throwing me for a loop was the constant remarks that the Emirs is a small sports car. Now that you have given me something to go on I can comfortably say in my opinion it is not a small sports car but just a sports car.
  2. Can someone who has seen the Emira confirm that it at least visually LOOKS the size of a Porsche 911 length wise?
  3. Hello, I am curious, as this will be my first Lotus and truth be told I have never seen one in the flesh, I would like to get more feedback from you if possible. I live in the US and I do plan to visit my local Lotus dealer to look at and maybe test drive an Evora. Since I am on the waiting list for the Emira I have searched for any information on this forum and others in order to get an idea of the size of the Emira. I know the dimensions and I use that to compare with other similar sized vehicles and from my perspective it should be similar in size to a Porsche 911 and even and 2014 C7 Corvette which I have owned in the past. If I go by the dimensions published then the Emira is technically not a small vehicle, yet all I hear is that it is a small sports car. The C7 is only 3" inches longer and is the same width as the Emira. As an owner of a C7 I can say it was not a small sports car so can anyone tell me what can I expect? As I said I will look at an Evora which will pretty much give me a good idea of what I can expect in size, but this won't be until end of October when I will have time to drive down there. Thanks for any help and sorry if this is a redundant post.
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