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  1. I put my deposit in Sept. Already had the 2nd call (early Dec), V6 manual please, Autumn 2022 delivery, 2nd deposit paid... I did mention all that earlier on this thread.
  2. alfapork

    Emira GT4

    Great way to use up the validation build bodyshells.
  3. My default position is touring. If I wanted a track day weapon I would be better served with an Exige!
  4. It's all still refundable. To me the only thing I'm not certain on is touring vs. sport, I'll need to drive cars personally to decide, but given I am end 2022 I expect this to be possible before I have to commit.
  5. No guarantees but late 2022 at the earliest.... That's fine I need to decide which Porsche to sell before then! Extensive testing during the whole of 22 will be conducted.
  6. Placed my deposit mid/late Sept, just had the call from Lotus and as I'm on for a V6 they're sending me the configuration link and 2nd deposit request....
  7. Didn't realise they had BBC 6 Music in China...
  8. It's headed for the crusher when done, so apt.
  9. Interesting vid and drive around the test track in a V6 manual: I think Harry has gone for a boring colour combo, but he does have me thinking on the sports pack... Previously I was a touring boy.
  10. Everyone who thinks it is too wide, seat position too high, 400bhp not enough power, too much like a sportscar, too little like a supercar, like an Evora, not like an Esprit - please cancel your deposit immediately so I can get my V6 manual FE sooner!
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